Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Politicians are No Fun at a Parade

The Pride Parade is happening this Saturday and two items caught my attention. 

1. Many politicians can not make it to the Pride Parade, because of the State's Democratic Convention and Gubernorial Candidates need their delegates to obtain the 15% threshold.  I do not think they will be missed, despite what gay activists claim to be in an "uproar" on the thoughtless scheduling. 

Best comment though was "Welcome LGBT community to the real world. There are conflicts in scheduling. No one group is the center of the universe. I bet some people won't be there because they are going to a wedding or a graduation party this weekend too."

2. A photo retrospective of the past Pride Parades here in Boston. In one of the photos (slide 11") was this caption "Jay Wang (left) and James Oh chatted during the event. Wang is still deciding if he’ll march with QAPA (Queer Asian Pacific Alliance) on Saturday in the Boston Pride parade. Oh said he noticed that the parade was getting calmer every year with the influx of political figures."

Also I didn't know the the Pride Parade was around since 1970 here in Boston. 

Unless it is a parade based on a civic holiday, politicians should voluntary NOT walk as an elected official. Key point I said voluntary and that doesn't include if they were marching with non-political group. I'm NOT saying to legally ban them from cultural events, simply politicians are no fun at a parade. 

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