Monday, June 16, 2014

Paternity and Matrimony Linked

This post is in reference to Paternity and Maternity Unlinked
This past weekend on social media, dozens of friends posted personal posts/reflections of their own fathers. Despite Nancy Pelosi lecturing the Archbishop of San Francisco not to march for marriage, simply the relationship between your mother and father matters. We all have a story. We will be told by politicians, the media, and by the 1% that marriage isn't about this connection, the two halves that make you... You. Instead marriage as an abstract love is love, with no connection to a concrete understanding.
We have been and will be told that marriage wasn't about public policy to promote stability of the family, but a civil contract between two adults and legal benefits.  Marriage rates have declined, but we understand even without words or policy the significance that links our mother to our father.

“It’s especially about connecting that baby to where he or she came from: the mother and the father… There is no other institution that does that.”

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