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7QT The Weight of Obligation

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The Weight of Obligation runs from #4 through #7 below and ongoing discussion on understanding marriage. 

1. "You have parents and your parents have parents, these are your grandparents who also have parents, your great-grandparents. "

2. Making the Case for Why Dads Matter (NBC) 
"Of all the data you looked at, what stood out to you as the most remarkable influence fathers have on their children?"
That’s a toughie, but here’s one that I thought was interesting and surprising: you might think that fathers don’t have too much influence on their children during pregnancy. But it turns out, that when fathers are not involved in the pregnancy, or at least they’re not involved with their partner who is pregnant, the risks to the child are much higher.
Read to know why no government program can replace a father.

3.  Boys of Divorced Parents Twice as Likely to Be Obese (TIME)
 Previous studies have hinted that parents might become less strict about healthy lifestyles—allowing children more screen time or to eat when they weren’t hungry, for example—as a way to curry favor with the kids or out of guilt. As to why it hits boys harder? Again, it’s largely speculation, but they tend to have fewer mechanisms for expressing their feelings and often lose a male role model and are therefore more vulnerable when families dissolve.
4. "Which (type of) marriage?" An ongoing conversation with Mr. Lynne which connects to #5, #6, and #7. 

5. Marriage's current cultural mode is discussed in terms of a profession of love with no consideration of children as an outcome to sexual behavior. We know children are deeply affected whether or not their mom and dad love one another. If the relationship is poor that child is affected. So the behavior/love between a man and woman should carry the understanding  there are obligations to a child, prior to having sex.

It is OK to say this. It is also OK due to the obligation we have for children, to make this really important in our society that this relationship is seen differently and not the same as others.

6. You want to laugh at me. I understand. I grew up with the complete separation of sexuality from babies, too.

Done laughing? OK, read #7.

7. For those who just laughed. 

The push for "agamy" isn't out of acceptance of gays. We can accept the gay community without throwing away marriage, but "agamy" under the presentation of equality and freedom allows people who engage in heterosexual behavior to ignore their the weight of their own obligation that comes with sexual activity. 

You just need to pop the your personal bubble to see it. 

And that is where the evil comes from, not gay people. It comes from our willful ignorance of knowledge and to pass along that ignorance as and promote that ignorance as good.

From the Washing Post "A modern Pope goes old school on the Devil" 
(Pope Francis) warned those gathered on that chilly morning to be vigilant and not be fooled by the hidden face of Satan in the modern world. “Look out because the Devil is present,” he said. 
Don't be fooled by our comforts.

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