Friday, June 27, 2014

7QT Truth on the Fridge Door

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1. One of the most tragic elements of breakdown of marriage is knowing that those who argue that marriage is a 'contract' or 'legal rights' or 'love is love', have somewhere in their home (ex. on the fridge door) a picture of themselves with their parents.

2. How did we become a culture that would consider the value of marriage as hate, yet show off images of families bonded openly in our homes and in our social media feeds.

3. Meanwhile fragile communities experience the effects of fatherless, find themselves blocked from economic and social stability, government programs do not replace the benefits of parents.Pictures if any are too painful to display.

4. Every day I read another research paper or public policy article on 'the family', as in you know a child residing with his/her own mother and father. And every day I see the cultural disconnect. Every day in conversation we tip-toe around the idea of marriage.

5. With the redefining of marriage, we also redefined homophobia. I really do consider myself 'liberal' in so many ways, despite the extreme polarization of the political system.

6. I had Masha Gessen’s dream of five parents… and it sucked
Masha Gessen had a mom and a dad, so it appears that she benefitted from the socially conservative family structure--it appears she was not raised under the family structure she advocates. That sounds about right. I’ve talked to many people who think deconstructing the family in favor of adult sexual choice is a good thing… and these very same people lived under the socially conservative family structure with their one mom who spent her life with their one dad, and they all lived together in their unified home. Since I lived under the family structure they advocate, I will sometimes ask them: would you trade childhoods with me? They either say no or they don’t reply.

7.  I draw out these types of graphs when I'm at DCF, multiple moms/dads....


  1. The whole "marriage is hate" thing is a false choice. The real choice is between the welfare of children (and then the adults they become) vs. new rights for same sex couples. I get that some people think marriage should be extended, but I can't respect that unless they're willing to say they can accept the results of the destruction of the family - drug abuse, incarceration, etc.

  2. KT Cat,

    Agree with the alliance or lose everything.