Friday, June 13, 2014

7QT Quickly Done

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1. Last minute I decided to partake, just had a few thoughts this evening.

2. (Child) Mom, why is there a Market Basket carriage in the (Merrimack) river?

(Me)Because it's Lowell.

3.(Me) I can't believe his song is 25 years old.

(Child) I can tell, because I'm not enjoying it.

4. My post on politicians at parades.

5. The song I was referencing wasn't that "unbelievable", but it is only 23 years old.

6. Read a Tweet..." Soccer was invented for the exhaustion of children. "

7. Not my photo, but I knew a photo of a grocery cart on the Merrimack River would be out there.


  1. "Because I'm not enjoying it" LOL!

    1. I've officially lost my sense of what is current. That last time I purchased music was 1999.

      Correction. Music for myself.