Thursday, June 19, 2014

7QT DCF, the Pelletier's, and Deval Patrick...

Seven Quick Takes at
1. My controversial post on Justina Pelletier had a few hits this week. This was written in February, where I talk about my own DCF experience.
2. To follow up, the local media all covered her coming home. The father went on a rant how she was abused/tortured, that brought up Deval Patrick (Massachusetts' Governor) potential run for President in 2016. Earlier this year they harassed him (approached him) in the state house with video recording the incident. The two state legislators (who I usually like) had tried to pushed for the a resolution in the state house and planned rallies and prayer vigils.
Totally politically orchestrated by GOP operatives here.
3. But she's home? Yes, because they worked with DCF and followed the service plan. Her older sister obnoxious tweets/post mention this, in between posting how evil the state is.

"One problem with the parents' narrative, as they appeared on the Dr. Phil (YouTube link) show, is that they point to her condition before DCF took custody, when she was skating and apparently doing fine, to her condition after DCF took custody, where she is in a wheelchair and unable to walk. The implication is that DCF and BCH's actions led to her trouble walking. However, as reported by the Boston Globe:
They were making the white-knuckled trip from Connecticut because 14-year-old Justina wasn’t eating and was having trouble walking. Just six weeks earlier, the girl had drawn applause at a holiday ice-skating show near her home in West Hartford, performing spins, spirals, and waltz jumps.
But now Justina’s speech was slurred, and she was having so much trouble swallowing that her mother was worried her daughter might choke to death.

She was clearly in a poor state before BCH even became involved in her case. That was the whole reason she was taken, by ambulance, to Boston Children's. Inconsistencies like this certainly do not help the credibility of their case, nor have their frequent media appearances assisted in efforts to transfer Justina's care to a more comfortable setting, let alone her own home."
4. OK. OK. Stay positive.
5. The house is relatively clean.
6. School is over.
7. Took the kids to BJs, and now the fridge is fill with junk food.

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