Monday, May 19, 2014

Twelve years later our views on marriage radically changed.

Sorry, I have to admit my frustrations sometimes boil over. I'm angry and sadden. Yes, we know marriage was in bad shape. This is from last September. 

Back in 2002, (Remember this when you read the quote) PBS Frontline covers the decline in marriage and the effects on children. That's right, PBS. It reads like it was directed from the Family Research Council. This was when marriage, meant marriage, and not some paranoid media campaign to target anyone who says marriage is really in a grand conspiracy against homosexual persons.
""Let's Get Married" traces the evolution of the public policy debate over marriage -- from Daniel Patrick Moynihan's explosive 1965 report on the erosion of the African-American family, to 1992, when Vice President Dan Quayle's criticism of TV character Murphy Brown's unwed pregnancy made headlines. But FRONTLINE's interviews with social scientists and researchers reveal how -- on both the right and the left -- there is a growing consensus that, all things being equal, two-parent families are best for children."
For those who don't remember, marriage as a matter of public policy and the community was a pretty serious discussion about the needs to stop the fragmenting of the family. The focus was a foundation, and not 'the frosting.' Remember when they reference two parents, it was a reference that both parents were in fact biological kin to the child. Now when people say two parents, it doesn't matter if both are strangers.

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