Friday, May 23, 2014

If one's father matters, we shouldn't make an exception to that rule.

From Rhode Island College 

Proposed Rights

• The right of fathers to have paternity established at the time of birth. When a mother chooses not to include the father’s name on the birth certificate, the father is not recognized as the father and has none of the rights to family services.
• The right to have value placed on the father’s emotional and physical contributions to his child’s life. Often focus is only on the father’s financial contributions.
• The right to play an equal role in parenting in cases of divorce. Physical placement of the child tends to default to the mother, while the father must prove that he is a good father in order to be awarded full custody.
This is what marriage was in our prior understanding. It covered these obligations and needs of children. 

But we have to make exceptions, not on orientation but with money.  

We now have a chutzpah situations, in D.C. a woman gives her eggs to her wife, the wife has the baby.Neither of them had a fertility problem, they just didn't want the father to be a dad.  She complains that she is now forced to adopt her own biological child, despite using costly medical procedures to bypass any and all legal rights and obligations of the father. 

No matter how much emotional affection and piano lessons that this child has, even as an act of love. The fact is that the child's mother INTENTIONALLY deprived this child out of every opportunity to be loved by his father and paternal kin.  

Straight people do it to, and it's wrong. Wrong. 

" There is absolutely nothing to gain from reproductive technologies, besides 'happy customers'. But sometimes not even happiness to the customers is guaranteed, social parents can and have demanded refunds from the companies that manufactured their children because their children did not turn out how they paid for them to. The gamete banks depict posters of smiling children but more importantly they caption these words at the bottom of their posters: "have the family of your dreams!". So what are these companies doing? They're advertising children to couples. How on earth is this ethical? "
It's ethical, because rich people had money to change the law. Money. You have money, the rules do't apply to you. 

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