Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dancing Around the Idea of Marriage

 Yesterday on my Twitter feed I followed a wonderful discussion on generational-based family social programs. There was no mention of the word marriage though. I understand in many ways why they refrain from marriage. It has become meaningless for many. It is either a fairy-tale or a legal abstract in awkward conversations.

Marriage was more than bringing two people together. Matrimony is the holistic ideal that brings everything together. Discussing the issues around generational public policy, means you do not address the child or parents separately, but together

I'm not being critical of the discussion, I fully embrace the conversation. The discussion understood our reality and how broken our understanding of marriage has become. At most we could speak of income and family stability. We're all talking about marriage in the same way that Pope Francis might speak, but unable to use the term. We are discussing the same thing. Yet as a matter of law,  marriage is not the same thing. Marriage is a twisted piece of legislation formed by financial interests from the legal and fertility industries.

Fragile families have limited ability to have their concerns being addressed, but what is the ideal for the fragile family?

Will there always be government intervention in their lives and for their grandchildren?

When can the government step back and let go and let family be able to provide just not financially but also emotionally for themselves?


  1. No, there will not always be government intervention. It will stop because it will have to stop. Right now, we can have fanciful discussions about "love makes a family" and all that rot because we're living in a fantasy world based on the Fed printing money out of thin air.

    1. So true. What happens when all the funding stops and all the religious charities fade away? .

    2. They really are trying to put organized religious charity out of business. We will be forced do help the needy in the dark of night.