Friday, May 9, 2014

7QT Rejected Sticker on the Mini-Van

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

She has a book out. I have not read it yet. 

1. It's Wednesday as I write this and I worry will I have anything to talk about on Friday. All of a sudden things planned and unplanned have become hectic in the household.

2. How hectic? Hectic enough we don't know when to plan a funeral, because they have to do an autopsy and they don't do autopsies on weekends.

3. After a few attempts we finally got replaced the windshield on the mini-van. Two weeks ago we needed the fuel pumps fixed. Then we had the annual state inspection and got an "R", because the minivan had too much rust. 

4. The mechanic down the street fixed it in a day for one hundred dollars! I live in an urban setting with schools and local business truly in walking distance. My poor husband works if a 'business park' off the highway an hour away. Our live would be so much easier if he worked closer to home.

5. In regard to #2. It was an extended family member, but he didn't have children and his wife needed help planning the funeral. But May is so hectic. Like really hectic. Insanely hectic. So we need to figure out how to schedule in a funeral. There was no foul play involved in the family member's death, but he had a organ transplant several years ago.

6. I'm making a cupcake mosaic of the MineCraft Sword for a birthday on Friday evening. That's right on a Friday evening. Because I knew before the death of my family member (which was sudden), people would already be busy with everything.

7. Still waiting on the RSVPs.... so far only a handful of boys coming. How do I order pizzas?


  1. RSVPs are the bane of my existence, except at the Catholic school. For some reason they always RSVP. Anyway, 75% do. But the public & preschool? Almost a 0% RSVP...but that doesn't mean they're coming. Anyway, I am all sympathy, that's all I'm saying.

  2. Everyone who said they would come came. Seven boys plus my son. A "no" would be nice.

  3. My sympathies for the loss of your family member - probably not any consolation, but the one good thing about funerals is that you can schedule them at your convenience, pretty much.

    Don't know if you saw this over at Alexandria, hope your experience is better:

    (very mild profanity)

    1. My advice is to know who will take leadership of the funeral planning. It is more then just saying what you want, but have someone who won't be an emotional mess when you pass. And have it be ONE person.

  4. Glad you got the mini-van's windshield replaced. You're lucky that the repair didn't cost that much. Plus, it was fixed quite quickly as well. Oh, and don't worry about not knowing what to write about. Days like that happen and it's okay. You can write anything and everything under the sun and we, your readers, would always love to hear about them. By the way, I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope everything is fine with you.

    Martha Brady @ Indianapolis Dent Company