Friday, May 30, 2014

7QT Now my coffee is really black

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1. Read labels. Now my coffee is really black. I wanted vanilla.

 2. My follow up on the importance of fathers, is the importance of mothers. Mothers are so important, that can alter a man's brain. 

3. Splitting the IVF Baby

If his story were a movie, then Gus' tale would start before he was born in December 2009. It would begin in a fertility clinic, where actor Jason Patric donated sperm so that his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber could have a baby. Later, his parents would reunite and then split up and then, after a contentious custody battle, find the love they always knew was there, wed and live happily ever after.
But this story begins in Hollywood, so there is no marriage; there are many breakups, separate residences and legions of lawyers -- and there is a cause that other celebrities can get behind.
Everyone wants to see their mom and dad be married.

4. "Fatherlessness: Have we become numb to the statistics?"
Short answer: We're numb.
"If you're African American, there's about a one-in-two chance you grew up without a father in your house. If you're Latino, you have about a one-in-four chance. We've become numb to the statistics." -- President Barack Obamae beco
Well, Mr. President if you are telling the American public that marriage should have nothing to do with keeping dads in the homes, of course we're numb.  We're afraid that people are going to call us hateful and lose our jobs. So by default we're becoming numb.

5. What’s driving decline of the median male worker? Technology, globalization, deunionization, & missing fathers

It's a 65 page long publication. If you have time to read.

6. Want something shorter? This is seven pages long.
" “Those poor children—they won’t get to have their father.” The community deeply mourned his death. The family hung a portrait of him above their dining room table to help them remember him. I brought up the disparity in how the loss of my father was treated in comparison to Tom. When I told my mother, “You act like my father doesn’t even matter,” she responded, “He doesn’t matter.” Children whose biological parents die are given the tools, time, and permission to grieve. Children whose biological parents are missing via gamete donation are given none of these things, and in fact we are expected to be grateful for our situation— grateful to be alive at all.""
7. People apparently don't read anything, at all.

Faking Cultural Literacy from the NYTIMES

I know this only because I skimmed a Washington Post headline about the survey. After we’ve skimmed, we share. Commenters frequently start their posts with TL;DR — short for Too Long; Didn’t Read — and then proceed to offer an opinion on the subject at hand anyway. As Tony Haile, the chief executive of the web traffic analytics company Chartbeat, recently put it, “We’ve found effectively no correlation between social shares and people actually reading.”  
me numb to the statistics." -- President Bara5 
ck Obama


  1. The shorter article (#6) was something else. Her identity and self-worth were tied up in the concept that fathers were meaningless and selling eggs and sperm was perfectly OK. Wow.

    1. Amazing how detached, it can make one become. Sad.