Friday, May 2, 2014

7QT Minor Inconveniences / Broken Mini-Van

More 7QTs at Jen's Conversion Diary 
Apparently Jen wrote  book, "Something Other Then God" that was just released. I had no idea! (just kidding)
I always purchase my books at the local shrine. So it may be a few days/weeks, because I like to shop local. 
You can purchase it here from the publisher, but buy local if you can. 

My Seven Quick Takes

1. Spring hasn't arrived yet. It's been quite dreary and the trees are just barely blooming. No tulips this year.

2. This killed our week of spring vacation. Also everything was getting cancelled or rescheduled.

3. My 11 year old minivan has been in the shop for most of the week for the engine yet they can't figure why the engine light is going on. It needs the windshield replaces a SECOND time, because they didn't do it correctly the first.

4. There are six of us and the second car only fits five and my husband works an hour away. Logistics and patience are key to not losing your sanity when you lose the mini-van. 

5. First day back from spring vacation one kid gets sick in school.

6. Second day back and yet... another kid gets sick.

7. Oh yeah, someone went through our vehicle searching for change at night. Usually our car doors locked. I heard people arguing, but it's Lowell and thought nothing of it.

A peeled Easter egg from last week. 


  1. Tough week! Hope it gets better soon. Hugs.

    The egg looks like, uh, an eye or something. :)

    1. We are still having wind shield problems....

      The egg cracked in the dyeing process. The kids loved it.

  2. Wow...what a weird egg!

    Hope you mini-van get fixed inexpensively and everyone recovers quickly. Sounds like a tough week!