Friday, May 16, 2014

7QT Being a Pall-Bearer

More 7 Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary.
1. Long week. We had the funeral on Monday for my husband's uncle. It took some time for the planning, but all went well and we needed to get back into our routines again. The kids had a lot of school work that evening to catch up on.
2. I have a Twitter account for links in regards to the family and public policy. I'm not an original when it comes to tweets.
My advice to Harvard Poli-Sci students is to get out into the streets and see how public policy in regards fatherless and the decline of marriage.  You want to rebuild our communities or simply talk about your privilege?  It will be a long road ahead to repair the damage, longer than an election cycle, and you will have to be bipartisan. 
4. It's Pall-Bearer, not Paul Bearer. 
5. I was a Pall-Bearer for the funeral. I'm only 108 pounds, but there were five grown men, plus the funeral ushers. I knew to be in the middle of the casket.

6. The use of photos for a funeral is interesting. We had a large photo collage, video of photos with music, a folded pamphlet with photos and prayer cards. It worked, as these items were used at the funeral home.
7. We had a Mass and graveside service. My two oldest were altar servers. We had extra severs, because I know my kids may break down. One did.

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