Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sticks and stones may break my bones but words...

Words can hit their target, like a dagger in the heart. And images can spread collateral damage everywhere.

We have a rule in our home. Screens are in public view. Sometimes I will tell a child, that an email needs to be private. Social media and the Internet browsing are public viewing. If I can't read it with my 12 year old in the room, then should I be reading it?

When we blog, we reserve judgment and choose what to discuss, the manner it is discussed and who we associate with in the discussion. Yes, I can't force anyone not to post whatever they like, they are free to post what they want in accordance to the blog rules. It is like a cocktail party. If the conversation isn’t to your liking, you can thank the host and maybe call him the day later one why you had to excuse yourself as feedback.

Facebook is a bit different. If I'm friends with you on Facebook, my children will see what your posts/shares/likes. And if you post an image out-of context, offensive and relates misinformation, I may have to unfollow your posts. I may let you ('God fobid') know why, because I'm after all we are 'friends' on Facebook. I don't expect a cold retort of "whatever", to someone who I believed to have the maturity to express themselves with a few sentences.

I'm still a bit hurt over my latest Facebook incident. No. I'm angry, because I wasted an hour of charity on a person who couldn't care and tried to claim that I was really hurting them because how dare I 'berate' her. Honestly, I didn't berate her. My intention was in fact give her an opportunity for myself to LISTEN to her and for her to explain her views. For all I know she could of emotionally exhausted a dozen others, who tried to inquire on the nature of her posts then to pity with her without question.

So when your empathy emotional meter runs outs… here is some advice from Busted Halo.

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