Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Observations in Lowell

These are the steps that go up to the Robinson School off Bridge Street. They're in bad shape.

Meanwhile the chatter is a new high school, despite the fact we already had this conversation in the city.

As I was walking from the Robinson around 9:30am going towards downtown, I had one person ask me for a lighter and observe two women in pajama pants. When I got downtown a dog owner had her little dog off the leash at Kerouac Park. Something I observed at least once a week. But two larger dogs were just roaming in downtown.

No one knew what to do, but it seemed myself. There was an officer on detail at some bridge construction in front of Middlesex Community College and radio in for an Animal Control Officer.

In between my cases I sat out on a bench along the Concord River, and saw an old pile of dog feces in the dried up mulch of the plants that haven't been attended to in over a year.


I don't get the whole wearing you pants around your rear-end deal. You can't walk, when your belt is down that low.


The profanity. We all swear, but profanity has replaced the vocabulary of other words. People swear for no good reason. It's not the profanity, but the context. It's like no one knows what to say, so they use profanity just to lengthen the conversation.

It's not Lowell, it's in the suburbs. Oddly in the suburbs, there were teachers that promoting the dumbing down of language with profanity.

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