Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Children, the law is confused.

Some time ago, my children came to the knowledge that abortion was legal. They were horrified and wanted to write to President Obama and do something about it. I have to give them the bad news that the President wasn't pro-life and let them know financial lobbyists control a lot of law making progress.

So the issue of marriage came up, older child tried to explain to younger child about the new definition of marriage and how it was different from the one knows and observes. Younger child was confused.

I stepped in.

I told him the law changed the definition of marriage because it was confused. The law is having trouble distinguish marital love and companion love.

Now this child has a basic understanding that you need a man and a woman to have a baby by a physical act and obligations follow through in raising the child together to benefit the child. It isn't based on a religious belief, but um... the knowledge of objective science.

Now there is a lot more to the story, but I have nothing bad to say about anyone and the child is just that a child. I won't lie to him and tell them there is no difference, just that the law is confused on how to acknowledge these differences.

I do have a lot criticism of powerful interests creating confusion and distraction of problems that face our society.

"One of life's great dramas: the development of an offspring in the image of its parents"
- Cecie Starr

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