Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Are you happy with the structure of your family?

A study in the U.K. asked seven year olds if they were happy. They concluded that family structure didn't matter.

Children living with lone parent are as happy as those with two

In the Millennium Cohort Study survey, data were gathered in 2008 on 12,877 children aged seven, and their parents.
Of those children living with two biological (or adoptive) parents: 64% said they were 'sometimes or never' happy and 36% said they were happy 'all the time'. The exact same percentages were found for those living with one step-parent and one biological parent, and for those living with a lone parent.
Children who are seven don't have a lot of say in the structure of their family. They don't get a say if their parents are married or separated. They don't get a say in anything. They're seven. They have not develop the understanding for the loss or seen its effects. I'm not questioning the study.

So we can ignore all the "Spit'in Anger"

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