Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An idea that marriage once united mother and father

Despite being told marriage was only for religious reasons, Pope Francis in his recent statements didn't mention the Bible at all. He only mentioned the rights of the child to his mother and father, and the parents' right to raise the child. It doesn't sound unreasonable or ignorant. 

The idea that marriage unites mother and father, while unpopular as a consensus isn't far-fetched. It sounds almost logical.

Considering what is occurring...

"So the twins have a biological father and mother who have no legal rights over them, a non-biological legal mother who gave birth to them and another non-biological legal mother who came into their lives later!"
The children have no rights to their own kin. 


  1. A father and mother? That's just crazy talk! (Tweet on the way.)

    1. Seven years ago as a society we were not this broken.

      I was reviewing some of my old blog posts from 2006/07, I see that I had some good conversations that even people wanted the legal status for practical situations could see beyond that and also understand children need their mom and dad whenever possible.

      That's not the case.

      How we took on information was different as well, because we didn't have Facebook or Twitter. Unless you were a 'reader' prior to social networking, it is hard to communicate now.