Friday, April 11, 2014

7QT Stacking Red Cups

More Quick Takes at Conversion Diary

1. I know I have to be a little more original with my takes, because they just become a review of the week.

2. Ancient Concepts, Tortured Definitions, and the Rotting Roots of Marriage If you are a visitor of this blog, you know very well from my post "Marriage from a Child's Point of View" written in 2007, was based on my experienced in the mid-1990s. The 1990s might as well be 50,000 years ago in they way we now speak. My defense of marriage has no roots in the current tortured definition, but from a time when the youngest Millennial were born.

3. Do I worry about social backlash?

I grew up discussing politics at the dining room table with the evening news on. I could express my ideas (AND LISTEN TO OTHERS) in the classroom as a political science major and with friends and family. I went to law school and passed the Bar. Currently I'm an active voter and engage with others at a local level. In all of these situations, I used my real name I never hid my identity from my thoughts. I'm not going to hide now.

4. Stacking red cups and the need for a strong base. That is how I see the needs of a child in terms of family. The child is the top cup, and the foundation isn't just the parents but also the parents' parents. We use to analyze these forms of social capital, but family is such a sensitive term that we can't speak of its structure or forms in our culture.

It will always be an issue. Now even if we attempt to make this distinction we could not only be called some really hurtful things, we could be sued or lose our employment.

Maybe I do worry about the backlash, but this is getting really strange.

5. "Fathers can lower their children's risk of going hungry by staying involved"

Duh.... sadly this article has only 15 likes.

6. What happens when children have no 'base'?

Single Moms, Unemployment And Day Care
"As Shanesha explained to the arresting officer she had no one to watch her kids while she interviewed for a job. The 35-year-old mother is homeless; she risked leaving her children for a short time for the chance to get work."
7. Not sure why this couple is allowed to foster, since they wanted a baby 'so bad' they went on Craig's List and was willing to pay for 'expenses'. They should be in jail too!

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