Thursday, April 3, 2014

7QT Marriage, Hedonism, and the power of the 1%

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

The quick takes come from a long-winded private response about these topics this week.

1. I made the assertion that the accusation of being anti-gay/homophobic towards those who defend marriage is a trumped up charge by the 1%, and I will be fed to the lions for public’s entertainment sponsored by the Patricians of American Lobbyists.

2. What else explains the a full blown scorch the earth campaign for the “anthropological regression” against the family using social marketing and brand loyalty as a leverage tool? Again, where is it really coming from? It comes from those with lots of money.

3. We already lost the value in marriage, despite liberal media outlets and even Obama making a plea to the public in the mid-2000s. We now value hedonism, as Pope Francis explains. The only virtue is one’s own gratification. We can’t see the long term value of hard work in school or on the job; we want immediate results of personal satisfaction. We can’t be bothered with sacrifice.

4. The 1% was never a fan of the Church, based on our socio-economic teachings. Pope Francis isn't saying anything new, as you see in the link. How many times you heard the Church should sell its art to the 1%? The Church makes art public for all since the 1500s, and yet Why doesn't the rich help poor instead?

5. Sometimes we have to make judgment. If the conjugal act creates life, we should ensure we have guidance on what to do as a species. We have free will after all, so we can make some dumb mistakes. It's a predicament we all in, when we are conceived we are dependent on others. We're not wanted goods or waste, we're human beings too.

6. The Church teaches the husband does everything for his family sacrificially, because men aren’t the ones that get pregnant. It's good to know if a man is fully committed to the openness of life, so as a woman we're not abandoned. Matrimony is Latin for ‘act of being a mother’. It's not like we're speaking in secret code. We celebrate it openly.

Let's Drink!

7. But sex? Sex! If your not having sex and not in a relationship, then you can't be normal and happy. Right? I want to make clear that we don’t lose our sexuality or happiness if we are not having sex; a man is no less masculine if he is celibate. A woman isn’t less female, if she doesn’t have children. Single people are not inferior, they're people too. But gay people? Gay people? Joseph Prever or Melinda Selmys can answer all of your questions.

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