Saturday, March 22, 2014

What if the media reported the fatherless crisis and no one cared?

This video had one view and it is four years old. 

To reference Greg Page, on why I keep caring about this issue and its connection to marriage rates.
"Find some issue that you can take out and paddle with, against the tide.  Then, find some reflective surfaces so you can stop, and admire. 

It's a lonely social cause. No one wants to talk about it, even when the media made a wonderful attempt on something so simple it is ignored. Last April I discussed how the NBA wanted to tackle the fatherless crisis and CNN reported it. No one cared to share it on social media.

Back in 2010 40% of American's believed marriage was obsolete. Marriage may be evolving, but evolving doesn't always mean evolving in a better direction. Marriage is evolving into extinction. Evolving means there has been a variation in the factors, which changes our decision in the having children without mother and father both equally in the picture or in this case to simply pair bond. You still need to be careful, just ask Johnny Weir, his soon-to-be ex-husband doesn't understand the term 'traditional' and should of applied for the New Jersey  State Bar and found himself a job!.

Meanwhile beyond celebrity gossip,I discuss with my children the concept of marriage as something different as Catholics compared to the rest of society. This seem strange to them, it is a no brainer that matrimony unites man and woman as an obligation and that sex is always open to procreation. It's a vocation that you reflect with wisdom and understanding. I informed them that rest of the world doesn't have this same view, and we have to be careful with our words in public.

For one child, he still had a hard time understanding something so obvious. We all have a mom and dad, and more often then not it seems that children do not live with both their mother and father. He knows the stresses, and it bothered him greatly that outside of the Church no one really cares whether or not children live with both parents.

He wondered maybe we need to shout it on the rooftops, in fact it made him a little angry that we live in a world that just shrugs it shoulders. Marriage hasn't evolved, as Richard Tisei would want people to believe. Marriage as a matter of public policy have become irrelevant, nothing more then to mock someone as 'anti-equality'/'anti-gay' to dare reference a child has a mother and father.

I reminded him, that marriage is a vocation and that it has to be done with joy. Even if you are the last person on Earth, you do it with joy!  Yes, it is upsetting, but the media did report this issue.

  We were very much warned, but we ignored it.
 We ignored it. .  


  1. At least George Will and Paul Ryan are on the case.

    I would argue that the media aren't discussing this because this would force them to come out in favor of traditional morality and might get in the way of their ultimate goals - getting loaded and getting laid.

    1. Their job is to report the news. They did. Everyone changed the channel. Not all the media's fault.

  2. I think Law Prof Ann Althouse missed the issue, which is that once we start down the path of relationships there are no clear start and stop lines.  The other divorced parent is now involved, directly or indirectly, with the custodial spouse and that spouse's new partner (married or not).  There are legal entanglements and emotional.  I don't think society, to include the law, has really caught up.  It is like no one can get a get and move on.

    Regards  —  Cliff

    1. The bill had little to with sex around the kids, I'm assuming the non-custodial parent (dad) is still on the mortgage and deed until the divorce is finalized.

      The bill only had to do with the "custodial" home, so dad in his new living arrangement could have a sexual partner over even if the kids had an overnight.

  3. I have a confession from two decades ago.

    The best house to underage drink/party/whatever, was a home where the parents were going through a divorce.

    Dad already moved out and mom out on a date.

  4. "I reminded him, that marriage is a vocation and that it has to be done with joy. Even if you are the last person on Earth, you do it with joy! "

    I think I see a problem with that - who is the last person on Earth going to marry?

    1. Thanks for the correction.

      But even if your spouse is not being that joyous that day, you still have to be joyful and tell them to take a nap.