Sunday, March 9, 2014

Insert "Click Bait" title

That's my click-bait title.

I'm examining my conscience for an upcoming confession, and most of my sin comes from anger and being annoyed by people who want to take the Church's teaches and parse them up by high-lightening and low-lightening what is asked of us.

Here is a segment of a brochure I use prior to confession.

The Church's teachings are MORE harsh towards heterosexuals. So I'm annoyed, I'm annoyed when people accuse the Church as being anti-gay. It isn't. 

Look again.

Reread what is asked from all of us.There isn't a list for straight people, and another for gay people. This is the list. The list applied to all of us.  

This is hard. Especially if many of these sins have been re-occurring for decades on end. These sins have been with us since teenager.  We were freely giving out condoms to, and know nothing about Natural Family Planning, and live through numerous divorces within our families. Bad habits are hard to break. Confession is great, but we need other forms of support to break bad habits. 

We can't go through the grocery check out line without being somehow sexually tempted, by a magazine trying to sell sex. It's everywhere. The Church gets that. We're aware it is everywhere. 

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