Monday, March 31, 2014

Alexandria's Disclaimer on Posts

I should give fair warning over at Alexandria. A few ideas I ABSOLUTELY reject from other contributors. My participation at Alexandria is in no way is an endorsement of those ideas that you may find while browsing over there. I find these ideas to be disordered and harmful, but as the curator of the blog made clear that he wants 'a radically diverse' group, even if it means one out of a dozen plus contributors has an unhealthy p-rn-graphy addiction that includes violence.
"The human heart is like a flea market of desires, and people need to know how to pick out the good from the bad" -Pope Francis

There is some junk (evil) on there, just letting you know.

I strongly suggest some Matt Fradd and this as well. It's an addiction, and it messes with your brain.

I waver back and forth on contributing, I have a rule in my home we discuss ideas online as if we are sitting at the dinner table. There would be a difference if the contributor was struggling his addiction, but this contributor is at the moment fulling embracing it and discussing his hobby of sorts. I respect the curator's ideals, but I think the may be pushing it with this one. Like really pushing it, andI'm out.

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  1. My understanding is that there isn't enough research to conclude that porn addiction is a thing. At least the DSM-V reviewed the research and kept it out.

    A more accurate description of when porn consumption becomes a problem would be to call it a compulsion. And of course people are certainly free to declare porn consumption undesirable, as long as they don't slip into the disservice of inaccuracies.