Friday, March 14, 2014

7QT Where do Internet Memes come from?

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Over at Alexandria N.F. Mannikko  on the "The short-sightedness of the terminally selfish." 
I’ve also never understood the simplistic thinking that lies behind the desire to pay taxes only for things that have a direct, visible, obvious-even-to-the-dimmest-thinkers effect on me right now. You know, the type of thinking that says “I want potholes repaired because I drive a car. I don’t want to fund the library because I don’t use it.” There seems to be a style of cognition operating that functions only in the immediate here and now and then only in a narrow window. 
There are various views in this thread, everyone is polite if you want to weigh in.

2.  Also over at Aleksandria, why is everyone moving to Texas? It isn't because of Jen. 

3. This has truly been the longest winter here in Lowell Massachusetts. We always would get a snow storm here and there in March and even into early April. This season it is the consistency. The snow cover is still on the ground, and it is snowing bitterly cold as of mid-March. No warm days over 40, just to give us a break.

4. Where do Internet memes come from?

Ever wonder where those internet memes come from on social media? No longer do we share actual news stories and discuss the pros and cons, we just ‘like’ and ‘share’ photos with some words that have little reference to them.

 5.  For our children's generation, probably less then half will grow up with both biological parents. I don't even think they will reference it as marriage in a few years.

6. Oddly as the law allows everyone the freedom to marry in their own defining way, no one will choose do so.

7. Sounds like weird dating advice, but it is research on marriage. 

Other interesting findings from the study include the following:
  • Women with above average grooming are less likely to cohabit without subsequent marriage.
  • For men, having an above average personality has the strongest association with the likelihood of getting married.
  • Men with above average physical attractiveness have a greater chance of cohabitation without subsequent marriage.

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  1. That quote in #1 is so, so spot on. I've opened it to read, and hopefully share, later today. If I had to sum up everything I've learned in adulthood since becoming a parent of a child with special needs, it is this: philosophies are great in theory, but in the real world things are not black and white, and trying to make them so leads to nonsense like not wanting to pay taxes for things you don't yourself use this very instant.