Saturday, February 22, 2014

The World Domination of Tyler Oakley

I rewatched Frontline's Generation Like, which featured Tyler Oakley as a segment. This time I was watching it with my oldest child, and she was turned off by him immensely. Twerking in front of a crowd of One Direction fans, as they scream for his acknowledgement, and echoing his want for World Domination in a meeting with marketers. He uses his platform to garner fame and attention, and in return advertisers utilize that attention for product placement. As described in his Youtube page, "I'm basically a Profressional Fangirl"

Was it just us?


Am I the only gay man who finds Tyler Oakley extremely annoying?
Maybe it's because he throws his stereotypical gay self out there to make all these annoying tween girls squeal and wish he was straight, but it just grinds my teeth!

Why does a a man in his mid-20s have the same obsessive unhealthy interests as a 13 year old girl? I think obsessing over musicians/bands in general is way too much whether it be One Direction or the Hunger Games. I'm thinking Elizabeth Scalia's Strange Gods,"It is not a bad thing to want to be loved. Even a certain amount of ego and pride is not the worst thing. But left unchecked, they can enslave us." Tyler Oakley's ego is left unchecked. Scalia's references to the movie, Moonstruck on page 16 fits into how ego and vanity can't fulfill a person.

I find despite his popularity, Oakley can be insecure. Recently a member of One Direction tweeted that he was a fan of Duck Dynasty, and Oakley in a very public way on Twitter stated he wasn't even open to have a discussion with others who may have a difference of opinion.

He also told his fans that if someone you know on Facebook like Chik-fil-a, that you should unfriend them. He makes his fans choose. If anything crosses Oakley, he uses his popularity to isolate and destroy others that idea instead of having a discussion about it.

That's not a friend, that's someone who wants to control you and shame you in public. Friends don't do that.

If Tyler and Liam really were friends, Oakley wouldn't go on Twitter. Instead a friend would pick up the phone and speak directly about their differences. Apparently everything is settled, but something that could of been settled without the misrepresentations online.


  1. Is it true that Chik-fil-a is coming to our area?  That would be good.

    Sorry, that was the only thing I recognized in the post. :-(

    Regards  —  Cliff

    1. I think they will stay in malls, where they don't have to get permits for construction. They would do extremely well anywhere, but any new buildings in certain areas of our country would be protest.

    2. If you go to the Burlington or Pheasant Lane Mall, remember on Sundays they're closed.