Thursday, February 27, 2014

Does anyone care about Saint Patrick?

You know he wasn't Irish.

From March 17, 2007
Up On Christian Hill
I thought it was important to post this, because with the secularization of green beer and leprechauns of the Patron Saint of Ireland. People think just because they are of Irish decent they have the right to celebrate this Saint's Feast Day. I have no problem with people enjoying a boiled dinner, who are neither Irish or Catholic, but I do have a problem if someone wants to distort what Irish Catholics are celebrating. They are celebrating Ireland's conversion to Catholicism and nothing else.
Seven years later....

Mayor Walsh is attempting to have the organizors have groups that do not represent Church teaching on homosexuality. You can be gay and Catholic. Yes, you can. But now we have politicians openly trying to push a Feast Day parade to represent something that isn't about the Feast Day.


No mention of Catholicism or Saint Patrick in the article or in the comments.


  1. Well that's the nature of things - I doubt one Texan in ten could tell you what Cinco de Mayo was all about, but that doesn't matter when margaritas are on a two-for-one special.

    1. I suspect in the future, people will forget the origins of Gay Pride parades held in June as well.

    2. Yeah, maybe I guess...

      You know, everything doesn't always have to be about the gays...

    3. But everyone loves a parade and drinking in public during the daytime!