Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cold day in Lowell without coffee.

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I was downtown yesterday with two hours between meetings, I took a walk despite the cold and wind. Surprisingly it was a lot busier then one would expect Lowell could be. The dance shop was closing, so I stopped in to make a few purchases. Hard to see go, considering one of the few things we buy are dances shoes/wear.

Brew'd Awaking intimidates me, but happy to see it crowded with people at noon time. I would be standing at the counter not knowing what to order. Wait a moment, Dunkin Dounts intimidates me.

That's right. Dunkin Donuts intimidates me. The anxiety of what to order. It's not just anxiety, but also thrift and budget we use our own coffee pot. Only on long car trips, it seems. But still I would be in line and really not knowing what to order, anxiety.

Last time I drank alcohol in public was over two years ago, but I would know what to order! Coffee? No idea.

Wait... I just saw Brew'd Awaking's menu!

Guess what they have on the menu???

Coffee. Just plain coffee.

Maybe I will stop by, just when it is less busy so I won't embarrass myself.

Sorry Brew'd Awaking, I've just read way too many White Whines on Coffee in recent years.

My Apologies.

What did I have to drink? I had bottle water that I brought with me from home.

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