Friday, February 21, 2014

7QT Not in my feed? You don't exist.

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary.

1. My post on Frontline's Genlike.
"Sure a few of these teens are getting thousands of views and hundreds of likes, but they aren’t cultivating and creating anything. For over a decade where I live, we talked about artists and the future of the creative economy. I don’t see it with youth culture. It’s an ‘attention economy’, as described in the program.

We have too many teens within who think one day they will be famous by rapping out a few profanities on their cell phone and uploading it to YouTube."
People don't search, we just like/share. If it isn't in our social media feed, it doesn't exist.

2. Marriage and Vomit My post in response to Ross Douthat's Parental Pity Party.
"It is one thing to be single, and then combine financial assets as a married couple. Mine becomes ours. It doesn’t matter if you come into the marriage with student debt and a degree in your early 20s or later in your mid-30s with an established career and salary. But it is another situation to live together and view finances separately, in which no consideration is taken how your spending affects your partner.

This is where cohabitation, even if it leads to marriage can blur the lines for the couple. "
3. I watch Paternity Court, whenever I have a chance. It comes on at 3pm where I live, and I can't watch it because the children are home from school. I also love the tweets from Twitter on it.

4. Without marriage, the government has no choice but to become more involved with families.

Right now I can't remember where I found this, but it was from a U.S. Government site.

5. Why social programs alone, don't work. I consider myself a fiscal moderate in social spending, as long as social spending doesn't indirectly affect the weakening of the family.
Family problems experienced in childhood and adolescence affect brain development
It found that those who experienced mild to moderate family difficulties between birth and 11 years of age had developed a smaller cerebellum, an area of the brain associated with skill learning, stress regulation and sensory-motor control.
6. This tweet explains where I live.

7. Next 7QT I promise to actually have something Catholic in it.


  1. The obsession with becoming famous at any and all costs makes me sad for a multitude of reasons.
    I'm thinking the country is going to have to hit rock bottom before it realizes the importance of marriage. It seems we're on the right track for that bottom.
    That tweet from Robert Mills was pretty funny.

    1. ""From now on, we will no longer be able to call it a phone. People under the age of 20 don't know how to actually use a telephone. We need a new word." -Christine

      Interesting they can't use a phone to have a personal conversation, but many can make a YouTube video.