Friday, February 28, 2014

7QT I've written enough and frustrated.

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1. I've written enough. Haven't you?

2. I written a pretty controversial post, it would probably anger most here. But I'm Catholic, I'm not a conservative or liberal Catholic. Just Catholic and I had to speak up on something that has been spreading through the pro-Life online community.
"No online petition of social media outrage would affect the decision making process. Judges look at the facts and the law, they don't look at social media outrage that lacks the full context..."
Sorry, that probably upset some people.

3. Does anyone care about Saint Patrick? It's a Catholic Feast Day, it's not just about being Irish. Saint Patrick wasn't Irish.

4. Great discussion over at Alexandria, it seems no one can really legally define marriage.
I guess I would describe myself as being pro-LGBT needs, but I’m also an advocate for pro-heterosexual needs as well. Sometimes needs in our relationships are the same, but other times they are significantly different.
Marriage addressed one of those differences, getting pregnant from sex and raising children. Most people see it differently.

5. No parameters.
"I like Twitter, but it came be a hostile place where there is no conversation and throwing slurs back and forth. People may retweet your posting/link in agreement of an idea, and an hour later you have some random guy calling you a troll."

6. Coffee shops intimidate me. "I would be standing at the counter not knowing what to order."

7. This creation has been lying in our toy room for a few days, it scares me at night.

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