Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We all want equality, and this is a great inequality.

I’m pretty obsessed with family structure and outcomes. It is like we speak on two planes of conversations, one is this cultural one that there is no difference all is happy and good. That all structures are fine as a matter of law, and then there is one of public policy. One that underneath, we can’t ignore even in liberal Massachusetts the champion of family equality.

In Massachusetts there we have specific financial advice for single mothers, because there are true economics deficits. There are also social deficits, but it is becoming apparent that any discussion of it becomes way too hostile and single mothers become very defensive about not have the father engage in their children’s lives.

This from The Manhattan Institute.

We all want equality, and this is a great inequality. The problem is I just can’t make a law that everything is equal, as we discuss the other form of marriage equality. The type of equality I search for is actually unattainable if I’m looking for 100%. I want 75%. I think that it's doable. It won’t happen overnight, or even in a decade.

What I’m asking is radical, it comes from the streets and not from the courts.

Maybe in my lifetime?


  1. I just finished The Idealist which details the failure Jeffrey Sachs' effort to prove that you could eradicate poverty through massive financial intervention. I think you'd like it as it dovetails nicely with what you're saying here.

  2. Relationships have to develop before the baby, not the other way around. There are couples who definitely have the relationship, but happen not to be married. But it seems fewer and fewer relationships have matured to the point they are ready to have children.

    We focus on single moms, maybe they wouldn't be single if there were actually marriageable men out there.

    Just as we can't throw marriage at them, we can't throw at the poor birth control either thinking they will eventually 'go away'.

    Give them better options in men, because eventually many of them will want to have children.

    1. Relationships develop before the baby? Wow! That sounds almost ... Biblical! Could it be that He knew what He was doing?