Monday, January 6, 2014

A Decade in Blogging (II)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Oprah is really another Jerry Springer

Shame on me. Shame on me. I was watching Oprah yesterday regarding swingers in the suburbs. Instead of Jerry's unemployed diverse trash, Oprah had successful white upper middle class married couples on her show talking that swinging was perfectly normal, healthy, and good for marriage. Oprah went on to imply that marriage was changing. Just because your educated and have money, apparently makes it anything ok as long as you consent to it. The definition of marriage hasn't changed, people are just in denial of their own divorce.

Swinging can be attractive, imagine over the course of your lifetime you built up a beautiful lifestyle, great material wealth and equity in your home, plus a fat pension or 401k waiting for you. But... But the idea of having sex with your spouse disgusts you. You just hate that ugly thing you spent the past 15-20 years of your life with and resent every moment of it. In swinging you sleep with whoever you want and your spouse can sleep with whoever he want, you get to keep your cars, and your vacation home and save money on divorce lawyers.

Fine but get a divorce, don't lie to my face that you’re married. Marriage is public sign that you are in a committed loving and sexual relationship. Sex is so divorced from marriage as the private sign of committed loving relationship, that they see no problem with sex with strangers, excuse me people that they barely know.

You can see why homosexuals who have been living together in a monogamous relationship are angry for gay marriage. And you can see why many monogamous heterosexuals, who would other wise be against gay marriage throw up their hands and say let the gays have marriage.

These couples are pulling a fraud on the government for benefits and through employers, such as health insurance and retirement plans, while homosexuals are being denied. And that makes it difficult for those making the argument that homosexuality cannot fall into the definition of marriage, when we have heterosexuals making a mockery of it. I know it is controversial but it is to protect marriage, but I suggest calling all legal marriages heterosexual and homosexual civil unions.

(2014) My views on swinging have not changed. Since Oprah retired to focus on her own station and programming, the importance of fathers being their for children and respecting their mothers has been a center point of her popular programming. There is less sensationalism, and more emotion in Oprah's programming. It's creepy that I wrote this nine years ago, BTW.

From Oprah (2013)

"It’s a topic I think that we all experience, but we don’t really talk about with a solution in mind. Everyone talks about single moms. Everyone talks about the difficulties we see young men going through. We’ve made a joke about it in songs. We talk about “baby mama.” We talk about “baby daddy.” We don’t talk about the baby. Fatherless sons are the babies in the midst of the drama between the mother and the father. And they’re dropping out of high school. They’re ending up in jail. They’re killing each other. All of these things are going on. We just seem to have our hands tied. We have to talk about the impact on a young man’s life when his father isn’t there. We have to talk about the humanity, the human qualities, of what happens when a child has a missing parent."


  1. "We just seem to have our hands tied." No, you just have your tongues tied by refusing to stand up for objective traditional morals. Great post, thanks for republishing it!

  2. From WIkipedia on Jerry Springer

    "The search for higher ratings led the program gradually towards provocative topics, becoming more successful as it became geared towards youthful viewers (modeled after Ricki Lake's popular talk show) by introducing more controversial topics. However, there were still some traditional and serious topics featured on the show at this time.
    In December 1994, the show started featuring such topics as "My boyfriend turned out to be a girl" and "I want my man to stop watching porn!", as well as investigating which are sexier: bigger or smaller breasts on women.[12]"


    That was when NBC Productions picked up the show!

    Today this is the whole culture, that many young adults experience. I don't believe in censorship or banning television, but the options are so few and far inbetween from our Networks.

    We can see why 'Duck Dynasty' was a hit, it avoiding all of this. DD was one of the few options.

    As Jerry Springer's format become popular, Oprah had to cater to this but in a classier manner. Instead of low-income people, she had upper-middle class proper people instead.

    We seek virtues in our programming, they are no where. Virtues doesn't mean Pleasantville. Virtues means how characters deal with adversary and temptation, sometimes characters fail. Some of them are 'evil', but we want programming in which not only evil doesn't win, but for instances an evil person can be redeemed or how to handle situations when evil doesn't beat out good (temporarily).

    We are now at a point to pass no judgement and ideas such as virtue are non-existence. We have a full generation in which virtues has been taken over by narcissism, so to speak in regards to the Gospel seems well foreign and they only relate to any 'quote' if it involves oneself.

    That's why they hear 'Who am I to Judge?" but they can't understand the context. All they know is themselves.