Friday, January 3, 2014

7QT Parents Make Good Roommates

More Seven Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary.

1. Parents make good roommates. Seriously.
""36% of Americans ages 18 to 31 now live in their parents’ home, the highest share in at least four decades."
You know they pick up after themselves, and you don't have to move any furniture.

2.If you look at the graph, what is most interesting isn't that the number that is married has been cut in HALF, in replace for other independent living arrangements. Either roommates or cohabitation.

3. Sexual Grief at Alexandria
It wasn’t sexual trauma, I dodge too many bullets in disbelief that I’ve haven’t been a victim of sexual trauma or assault. I actually consented to all of my sexual idiocy.
4. Why we don't judge people based on sexual orientation, as PJ (the commenter) explains.
I was close to a Catholic, testosterone-rich family (a husband and wife with 4 straight sons — all of whom were of dating age and had girlfriends). One particular Thanksgiving I spent with them, I had to hear at least 3 or 4 derogatory references to “fags” during my visit. Meanwhile, all 4 of these young men were sexually active with their girlfriends — outside of wedlock, just to be clear — but not for a moment did any of them feel shame or guilt for their actions, or realize that they were, by church standards, in a state of mortal sin. No, it was only about casting stones at the “fags” from this upstanding (by outward appearances) family.

Meanwhile, THIS “fag” was sitting among them still holding onto his virginity at 40(!), but still thoroughly contemptible in their eyes due to, well, his being a “fag” — something which he cannot even help.

So, there you go. There’s nothing worse, in my opinion, than encountering an avowed Catholic (or Christian) who shamelessly displays hypocrisy, insensitivity and bigotry (the latter being an absence of love).
6. John E. and I try to figure out our differences in the role of government and family structure.
I hold as a basic premise that the local government is here to serve my interests. Starting from this premise, my take is that government marriage recognition is done for reasons that serve my interests.
I disagree, it is done for community interests.

7. On Twitter, there was this photo of a local man wearing a 2000 party hat. We kept a pair of plastic '2000' champagne glasses in the china hutch with 'the nice stuff' on display. The kids don't understand. My daughter thinks the song '1999' was actually written in the year 1999.

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