Friday, January 10, 2014

7QT "A Child's Voice"

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. "A Child's Voice" This email was received while I was at DCF today. It came from the continuing legal ed here in Massachusetts. Courts and politicians say one thing in public for the media and lobbyists , but the policy on the street is a whole different story. As stated in a foster review "Massachusetts is big on kinship."

2. Marriage Promotion Has Failed to Stem Poverty Among Single Moms
It's easy to see why marriage promotion is appealing, Williams said: About 46 percent of children in single-mother households were living in poverty in 2013, compared to 11 percent of children living with two married parents.
The relationship has to develop before the baby, not the other way around. There are couples who definitely have the relationship, but happen not to be married. But it seems fewer and fewer relationships have matured to the point they are ready to have children to pregnancy came too soon to determine if the relationship has matured enough.

3. How do we address the problem though?
In fact, research shows that single mothers living in impoverished neighborhoods are likely to marry men who won't help them get out of poverty. These men are likely to have children from other partnerships, lack a high school diploma, and have been incarcerated or have substance abuse problems, Williams noted.

We both agree that these men are not marriageable, but this is where I disagree with her. Her focus is on the needs of single moms, but what about the needs of men to make them more marriageable. It seems the problems lies there.

Instead the study suggests more government programs to stop poor women from having children, by means of more government sponsored sex education and more government sponsored birth control. It is easy to state, "stop having babies sex with these losers". But we're human, if we don't have a strong social support at home well our pickings may be limited so we choose with the poor options we have.

We need more options, as in marriageable men.

4. Hundred Dollar Rip-Off over at Alexandria, that at least created a wonderful poem on about PMS by Richard.
Cranky, puffy, angry days
Aren’t relieved too many ways
5. Also over at Alexandria, I ask about the poor and interest rates on loans. Why do banks give them higher interest rates?

6. The Earliest Known Image of the Virgin Mary
(Circa 150 CE)

7. Other then that, I've taken an interest in 'Divorce Corp'. It's a documentary on the divorce industry. Stay true to your vows everyone, and stay married.


  1. "The relationship has to develop before the baby, not the other way around."

    For purposes of addressing poverty specifically, I'm not sure that follows, since splitting bills by itself is something that affects the poverty measurement directly. (Other goals of marriage, however, might be addressed by your suggestion.)

    Matty does the math and shows his work:

    "Which is to say that marriage 'lifts' families out of poverty not by increasing their incomes but by reducing what the federal government assumes their expenses to be."

    1. I'm 'the free day care'. So yes because there is a complete unified aspect of coparenting, and were not having kids with other peoples. Our costs are indeed lower.