Monday, December 30, 2013

Wish this was short enough to tweet.

An Althouse comment.

“My neighbor gets to vote on MY tax rate, my son being sent off to war, whether I have to wear a helmet while on a motorcycle, and don’t even get me started on what my neighbors can vote on when it comes to my business’s operations.”

Used in a response over at Alexandria

I can’t say what my neighbor does with his penis, as he inpregnants several women over the course of two decades and just move on each time. But I find it odd I can’t create public policy to specifically address this issue to encourage men and women in monogamous behavior and to fully support their family.

The conversation over why the government has an interest in marriage is over there.

Marriage in a ‘social capital’ context is the insurance a man won’t bail, when you get pregnant even with an unplanned pregnancy.

That is when men typically bail in a non-married situation. Sure some married men bail, but you won’t get far and you are easier to track down.

Romantic love gets you bed, but it a different type of love to deal with the stresses of children together.

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