Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why I truly fear the Massachusetts Democratic Party?

*I could easily write a post on why I fear Republicans, but please consider I live in Massachusetts I was raised as 'a Democrat' and in the past have voted and supported Democrats. I support many social programs at a state level, and consider myself a fiscal moderate.
Rob Eno of Red Mass Group tweeted a blog post from the Massachusetts Democratic Party in which they called out Karen Polito as an extremist, along with Allen West. Specifically they were extreme in their views on marriage public policy, in noting that marriage as a matter of public policy should be a man and a woman to ensure that children are raised by both biological parents in a financially stable and emotionally healthy home, and benefit from this social capital that can not be replaced by any government program..

While many Democrats who I engage with may think of me as a dinosaur, backwards in thinking, and 'on the wrong side of history' can NOT ignore the inequality that occurs in fatherless homes. It's an inequality that has to be address, if would want a fair chance for every child, we must NOT deny the child's right to be raised by both their mother and father. Over and over again we see this inequality, a year ago Reuters took a good look at Massachusetts and saw in ever widening gap between those with and without a fathers.

From Reuters "Massachusetts, home to America's best schools and best-educated workforce, has seen income inequality soar. Why? The poor are losing an academic arms race with the rich."

They make note of the family structure and poverty.
70 percent of Massachusetts families with children in the bottom fifth are headed by a single parent - compared with 7 percent in the top fifth. "All the evidence shows that children born to two highly educated, high-income people tend to obtain the highest level of academic achievement," said Sum. "At the bottom, where the mom is not that well-educated and tends to have lower income, children tend to do worse."
Of course initially, the research just said 'two parents', but the researcher slipped and said, mom and referenced the child was without a father.

Their solution
The solution to erasing the achievement gap involves, in essence, providing low-income students with the advantages their wealthier peers enjoy: pre-school at the age of three, tutors, summer camps, and after-school activities like sports and music lessons. Schools could contract with outside organizations to provide those activities, or lengthen their school day or school year by one-third.
No mention of increasing the marriage rates within lower income families to pool their social captial, and giving children greater access to their paternal kin. I've always made it clear that this is not about forcing people to marry or demanding a 100% marriage rate, it isn't too hard to ask to cut the fatherless rate in half. If we have a neighborhood in Lowell in which only 30% of children live with their biological fathers, how about increasing up to 60%.

We are giving low-income families the the financial incentive NOT to marry, it doesn't pay to marry because if you are a single parent you QUALIFY for almost everything. If the father doesn't live with the child, the mother is considered a single parent and qualifies for subsidies she otherwise wouldn't if married. Indirectly, I truly believe our social policies are encouraging this widening gap.

The more we spend on low-income (unmarried/single parents) the more the gap will grow. We are indirectly pushing fathers out. Children of married parents tend to marry, children of unmarried/divorce tend to be unmarried/divorce. Unless we can significantly change family structure in low income families, these families will always tread water and never get ahead. Divorce and single parenting happens, but I know children in which NO ONE is married in their family. Everyone in their family (parents/uncles/aunts/grandparents) is a single or divorced. How can a child succeed in such a fractured environment?

This is our class divide. When mom and dad are married, social capital is re-enforced for the child. When unmarried social capital gets weakened. All the social spending on enrichment programs in the world will NEVER solve the problem. The child needs LOVE and the state can't provide LOVE.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts in a very objective manner understands the clear obligations that parents have to their children. Which is why we have affidavits of paternity/DNA testing, and take the father's paycheck and transfer it on a debit card for the mother in the form of child support payments. Yes, we've turn men into merely instruments of money, and not loving and emotional caring fathers in many cases for low-income families. That's why 'men have gone on stike', when it comes to marriage.
“The best thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” – John Wooden
Who could disagree such a concept?
The Massachusetts Democratic Party, that's who.

For all I know many elected officials within the Democratic Party may agree with me, but could never actually acknowledge as marriage. It's politics, it's corrupt. It's not about good public policy, but rich lobbyists and their apparent hatred of the idea that children should be raised by their mother and father as one socio-economic unit.

All I know is that you better not get in their way, or they we defame your character as an irrational extremist. This doesn't not mean I will automatically vote Republican or love the GOP, what this means is that I am very aware of the shift of values within the Democratic party, and fearful of the political power behind the Democratic Party. This is not the Democratic Party I once knew, this political group has been taken over and masquerading as something it is not.
Here's a bonus! From another blog.
My personal experience, though, as a Catholic, who is also a homosexual, speaks louder than any document ever could. In the four and a half years since I voluntarily became a Roman Catholic I have never had a single priest treat me as less human than another Catholic because of my sexuality. I have never heard a homily where the priest said that homosexuals, or anyone else for that matter, were not human due to the inclinations of their hearts. I have been showered with words of encouragement in the confessional and have had the undying love and support of Catholic friends as I have shared this intimate part of my life with them.
Please share this letter with those looking for encouragement or who wrongly accuse the Church of fictional beliefs.
That's right the Catholic Church loves gay people! I'm really annoyed of Democratic activists essentially lying, but I have to remember that they may never of heard the truth. For all I know, they really believe it. And that is sadly why I wasn't shocked by the vandalism in Brighton, young people in the secular world are taught to despise and mock Catholicism. Their immaturity in their vandalism shows more ignorance then hate. But where are they learning such ignorance, to the point they feel nothing destroying an oil painting and and a church organ? How as a community as a whole, did we fail them?


  1. This is a tough issue, more difficult than it seems. The solution is simple--more intact families--but the cultural standard is so different now that "simple" isn't really that simple to accomplish. Given that I understand the desire to support the mothers as single parents. It makes perfect sense; they have one strike against them with the fathers missing, why make it two and have them in poverty as well? What you're suggesting makes sense--that it enables people not to get married--but I don't see a good solution, frankly--short of a culture-wide shift in attitudes toward sexuality as a whole.

    1. In the great majority of non-married births, the father is 'in a relationship' at the time of birth.

      There was a recent study, I will pull up later that showed couple feel less loved towards each other after baby. If not married or somehow settled down with each other they break up with a few years, easier because it wasn't like they were married or anything... or they consider marriage and realize it would be a financial loss if they did.

  2. To paraphrase from a friend on Facebook,

    "Better then 1000 fatherless black kids go to prison, then the indiginity of a same-sex couple suffering from the understanding that their relationship is different."

    That's the world of thinking I have to encounter if I want to engage in civic life. If I don't comply, the teachings of my faith and basic knowledge of kin relationships will be mocked as stupid and bigoted.