Friday, December 6, 2013

7QT Origins of Eloping

More Seven Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

Mine below

1. Eloping is not the answer, but so tempting. We need to destroy the wedding industry and everyone is OK with a backyard/home reception. Don't elope, it isn't necessary to run away. The discussion is here over at Alexandria.

2. Why I fear the Massachusetts Democratic Party?
The more we spend on low-income (unmarried/single parents) the more the gap will grow. We are indirectly pushing fathers out. Children of married parents tend to marry, children of unmarried/divorce tend to be unmarried/divorce. Unless we can significantly change family structure in low income families, these families will always tread water and never get ahead.
I could write one on the Republican Party, as well. But this is about this avoidance on the issue of fatherless.

3. Media sob stories and lying copy-cat attention whores
To this day I was really appreciative that one of the guidance councilors just pulling me aside privately for a minute in her office, just asking how I felt. I was OK, but for some reason looking back this really mattered.
Go to the link to talk about my odd emotion of jealously in high school.

4. I wasn't shocked by the vandalism in Brighton, young people in the secular world are taught to despise and mock Catholicism.
"Heavy custom doors were damaged, fire extinguishers were discharged inside, an oil painting of Pope John the 23rd was cut and defaced with curse words and stars during the spree. In the choir loft, a bottle of wine was discovered on the keyboard and potato chips littered the floor. A pipe from the Church Organ was broken and left in the loft."
Their immaturity in their vandalism shows more ignorance then hate. But where are they learning such ignorance, to the point they feel nothing destroying an oil painting and and a church organ? How as a community as a whole, did we fail them?

5. Dads: How Important Are They? New Research Highlights Value of Fathers in Both Neurobiology and Behavior of Offspring
"This is the first time research findings have shown that paternal deprivation during development affects the neurobiology of the offspring," says Dr. Gobbi. These results should incite researchers to look more deeply into the role of fathers during critical stages of growth and suggest that both parents are important in children's mental health development.
And to think the Church's teachings on marriage is somehow irrational and without reason for the past two millennia?

6. Pope Benedict XVI was 'a commie' too.
Pope Benedict observes that too many economic actors were making decisions “based on very short-term thinking.” They lacked a commitment to “long-term consideration of the common good,” and by pursuing short-term gain in financial markets, they undermined the market itself. For this reason, markets, and financial institutions must be appropriately regulated for the common good."

7. Happy Saint Nicholas Day!


  1. #2 is a sore spot for me, too, but allow me to suggest another motive. We all want to excuse our own particular vices. That's why Confession is so important - it takes away our ability to rationalize our weaknesses as unimportant. Moral judgment has been done away with partly for the reason you suggest, but mostly as an act of total selfishness. It's not that I want you to stop judging others, it's that I want you to top judging me so I can get back to my porn / theft / drugs / booze / adultery / ...

    1. Social libertarianism is the new term for moral relativism.

    2. Wow, your #3 is spot on. I've been feeling slightly uncomfortable with all the viral attention getting victim/sob stories/fund raising going on...especially since a few hoaxes, but even besides that, it's just all "whoever cries the loudest gets the most". I'm so sorry about your brother.

    3. The 'gofundme' site needs to go away. There is no way to confirm a need.

  2. I agree on the "elopement" issue from Alexandria. We got married in Las Vegas, and then in the Church in Chapel on the morning we packed out to move to Germany. They didn't even turn on all the lights. I think my wife misses not having had a "white wedding" but it focused on the fundamentals. Yes, the wedding industry is bad for marriage.

    Regards -- Cliff