Friday, December 13, 2013

7QT How to really deal with bullies...

More Seven Quick Takes at Jennifer's Conversion Diary

1. Media sob stories and how to really handle conflict without viral/national publicity

Kids can be mean. As adults, we educate them in a merciful and forgiving manner the better way to handle their actions and to move on. This whole rally for Danny and his Band of Brothers has been going on for over a month in the media. It doesn't require a week long vacation in Hollywood to be on a TV to correct the situation.

Last week some kids were not being nice to one of my older kids. When it happened, I contacted the principal. They were informed about how they made the other person felt. That principal handled it privately with the parties involved without the whole middle school or nation needing to know.

My child didn’t want the kids to be ‘punished’ and my child didn’t want friends to ‘rally’ or be on TV, but my child just wanted to them realize how much it hurt and to stop. And that happened.

2. Colors, context, and causes…
It’s like the guy who wears a yellow Bruins Jersey at a Red Sox game, people would think you’re a vendor selling hot dogs. Out of context!

3. The difference between Capitol Punishment and Capital Punishement.
Why are we harsher against buildings that hold government officials like the State House compared to a public library that holds books.

4. I didn't know unicorns could lay eggs. Interesting Craig's List posting.

5. Richard W. Bray is funny!
One day I was supervising the sandbox during free play when a three-year-old boy smacked another kid over the head with a toy firetruck.
“Cut that out,” I insisted.
The offending child immediately stopped assaulting his playmate. He turned towards me and gave me a stern glare.
“Cut that out is not nice, ” He instructed severely. “We don’t use words like the at the Child Education Center.”
I was taken aback by the rebuke, but I sensibly resisted the nearly overwhelming impulse to say, “Listen pal, we put people in jail for things like that.”

6. The effects of incarcerated dads matters if the father was living with his children to begin with.
The researchers found negative and pronounced effects of incarceration on fathers' engagement with children and co-parenting with children's mothers, but only when fathers were living with their children prior to incarceration. When fathers weren't living with their children prior to their stint behind bars, their incarceration had no effect on how they interacted with their children during or after release.

7. Not sure if I can congratulate Pope Francis being the Person of The Year, when he was being compared to Miley Cyrus? When I did the image search for "Time Person of the Year 2013" , I received more Miley images then Pope images.

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  1. Father Barron has a typically great video up discussing the Time Magazine award for il papa. I liked the content, but I think any concern over the award is overstated. It was a great piece of PR for the Forces of Good and that's fine with me.