Thursday, November 7, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part Four)

Note: The title is more of a tag, since I've used it three times already.

I was reviewing Left in Lowell's post election thoughts, and I have to admit when three of the nine candidates you voted for come in 10th, 11th, and 12th place it can BE FRUSTRATING. Yet, I also realize it was a crowded field with many experienced candidates. A former mayor of Lowell , a former headmaster of Lowell High, and a local business owner who was just a hundred or so shy of gaining a seat two years ago pushed out the three candidates I voted for. I can't really complain.

Even though I mentioned the lack of John Leahy's online presence and his campaign literature that was lacking, we have his voting record on city council and school committee. Rita doesn't need an online presence, she is one in a million.

That's presence! I can't find Rita's comment on letting her supper get cold, as she is on the phone with constituents some nights.

Kad Barma shared his thoughts why it is hard to break through.

think of it another way--certain candidates went to where the voters are, and swung their fateful 500 from among those who believe as they do, and, by happy coincidence, tend to vote in large numbers. this means that successful candidates all tend to have strong backing among belvidere, the upper highlands, and all the senior centers across pawtucketville and elsewhere. those who went downtown (sadly) and to other less-prosperous and less-likely-to-vote neighborhoods to support their divergent interests came up snake eyes, regardless of the worthiness of their campaign, their positions, and their message(s). don't like it? then face the fact that you don't like democracy, despite all your protestations that you do.

As an active voter, I only have nine votes. I tried to keep it diverse, but that meant not voting for candidates I liked in such a strong candidate pool. As someone who normally votes blank on state/congressional elections, I need to be grateful for the wide variety of choices.

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