Saturday, November 9, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part Five)

Note: The title is now a tag.

Received a call today for a research survey regarding on local elections. Since I finished the survey, the caller informed me of the professor and the university that the research was being done. One of the questions was a candidate ranking question, and the other was asking which side of partisan politics I leaned to. I said no to the ranking idea, but I tried not to answer the partisan politics one. I gave in and said 'independent', when I wanted to respond non-partisan. Also he asked questions on the numerous ways I was contacted by candidates. The surveyor sounded like a student, and he asked for my first name at the end of the interview, and I responded 'but you already know my name, you asked for me when I answered the phone.'

Just following the script, I guess.

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