Saturday, November 2, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke" (Part II)

After downloading the QR code app to scan Rourke’s campaign mailing (which lead me only to the Dick Howe’s posting and the You Tube video) and also reviewing the Lowell Sun’s election section, with the limited information I’m trying to gather where Dan is coming from.

As for Dan Rourke’s Lowell Sun headline, I wouldn’t define his as ‘experience’. There are several candidates who are old enough to be his parents, and the Sun only cited his experience at his profession. Aren’t we all ‘experienced’ in our profession? I used my experience when I applied to be on the Animal Advisory Board, which was being a volunteer at the Department of Children & Families, plus owning two cats. The position required the resident not to be a dog owner.

I’m making an assumption, but this is where we our views take different directions. Being a probation officer, he gets to see the bad guys a lot. Even when I’m volunteer at DCF, we get to read and hear about the bad things. If you have your TV running in the background all day long, all you hear at really bad things from ALL around the country.

I don’t watch a lot of TV. I know there are more good people then bad. I know there are lot of good people sitting in 495 traffic during the evening commute, as their children wait for them in after school care or their dogs getting anxious just ready to destroy something in the home.

Several years ago, I wrote to Tom Golden about jobs in the city and long commutes. He responded directly to me with a phone call. Growing up my parents worked in Lowell, so even being a ‘latch key’ for an hour or two I knew my parents were really just 15 minutes away. Not today, one of the major hurdles for our family is my husband’s commute. My children had to wait until he came home, so they could trick or treat. His lack of flexibility, limits my ability to ever return to work.

I’m an emergency contact for family friends, so if they get stuck at work I have the ability to pick up their kids. If more residents worked in Lowell, the more time with their family and more time to be the volunteer.

Keeping ‘kids busy’ may sound like a solution, but really we need to teach/guide our children to keep themselves busy. They need to learn how to play in a non-structured non-adult lead situations. It’s a skill and obligation to teach as parents, so we won’t be managing their lives once they’re young adults. As a child I wasn’t really good at anything, my best childhood memories come from those self-initiative activities. But then again I was given the ability to roam.

Even the best after school programs, will lack the warmth of a home. Do children in the existing programs get to take off their shoes and just do nothing? I hope so. I let my kids, do that. My children do activities, but they do only because they want to. These activities will not be something to keep them busy, that is not the goal.

If I could contact Dan, I would suggest reading ‘Free Range Kids’, authored by the mother who let her nine year old ride the New York subway by himself. I’m sure the book is at the library.

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