Friday, November 1, 2013

7QT Unpopular Opinions

More Quick Takes at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. I'm always wrong side of popular opinion, considering the marriage issue alone. But this past month, I feel really unpopular.

2. Remember Erin Cox, the heroic volley ball player/honor student. Well there is a back story, that the media failed to explained. The problem is that you can hire a media attorney, and the school (out of legal privacy issues of a minor) can NOT respond. The local news found the back story. This story should of never went viral. Court cases should be tried in court, not in the media with the opposing party is unable to defend themselves.

3. A story that actually stayed local, but had the potential for media outage was of a high school teacher. He was fired for being insubordinate, but he was extremely popular.

A good teacher would of realized he crossed the line in his/her professionalism, taken the seven day suspension and kept it between him and his employers and kept detail plan of his classroom activities. It's not about the profanity, but rather using the classroom as his personal audience for his personal work. He was misusing the student's time.
Again the school administration due to legal privacy issues could not respond. The teacher had to go, even if one of his supporters call me an idiot.

4. I asked a question on Facebook, regarding a candidate. Not sure if I opened a can of worms or stepped in dog poop. We are having city elections, and there is a very popular candidate, but limited information in regards to his insights on the city. We live in an information age, and all I could find were the general pleasantries in elections, ex. sign waving/door knocking. The candidate doesn't have a website, and his Facebook page and Twitter account simply posts the general pleasantries. His only YouTube video shows his family, and some images of the streets of Lowell. Now this is all normal, but there are other candidates who not only share their personal background but have substantive ideas for the city.

5. Ever read through the headlines of Buzzfeed and feel hopeless for civilization? Me too. I do not watch the evening news often because of the children, but I was watching CBS evening news. I didn't realize we still had news in this country.

6. "Broken homes, broken boys"

Liberals often assume that these kinds of social problems result from our stingy support system for single mothers and their children. Provide more maternity leave, quality daycare and healthcare, goes the thinking, and a lot of the disadvantages of single-parent homes would vanish. But the link between criminality and fatherlessness holds even in countries with lavish social welfare systems. A 2006 Finnish study of 2,700 boys, for instance, concluded that living in a non-intact family at age 8 predicted a variety of criminal offenses.

7. Churches Standing for Fatherless on Orphan Sunday You don't need to adopt children, but there are many ways we can help the fatherless. No one is asking for 100% rates, but we even a small percentage increasing the role of fathers helps.


  1. So many people think you are putting down single mothers if say that kids need fathers, even though all the evidence we have says it is true.

  2. Even single parents would agree, that there s added stress with the other parent fully cooperative. We always need to do phrase it as a concern, not a criticism. There are children where NO ONE in their family is married in a stable relationship. Not even grandparents or an aunt/uncle as a model.