Friday, November 29, 2013

7QT "Tiny Saints"

Seven Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Tiny Saints and a Pope, collect them all.

2. If you are serious on understanding how public policy factors in the stability of the family follow W. Bradford Wilcox on Twitter.

3. #2 reminds when I wrote to Senator Elizabeth Warren on the need for marriage without using the word marriage, and her office responded positively. That Seven Quick Take was titled "I'm Grateful".
Every child deserves to grow up in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment. To create these environments, many parents need educational resources and support. Promoting responsible fatherhood can help support fathers, strengthen families, and give children a fair shot at success.

4. Teresa R. over at Alexandra writes up a post on the police dealing with the mentally ill.
"When the police got there (later than I would have liked, but not preposterously so), they quietly told the young man to get off the bus….(waited for him to comply, minimum of yelling, thank heaven), sit down on the ground…(more waiting), put his hands behind his head… At that point, he burst into tears and kind of collapsed like a deflated balloon. "

5. How Millennial Are You? Quiz over at Alexandria. Spoiler, they ask if your parents are ‘still’ married.

6. The crime reporter here in Lowell has a Twitter account, when I hear sirens I always check his Twitter first. Sirens woke me up early Thursday morning and at 1am I checked Twitter. If you use Twitter 'following' locals, and not just the news helps.

7. Every else enjoying how the media is interpreting the Pope this week?


  1. Wilcox followed. Thanks for the tip!

    Like water looking for a crack into which it can flow, Warren was just finding a new avenue to increase the scope and power of government.

    Re: The Pope. See Elizabeth Warren remark above.

  2. My Millenial score was 70. My kids are millenials.