Friday, November 22, 2013

7QT Homeless Teens & Why?

More 7QTs over at Jen's Conversion Diary
1. Homeless Teen & Why? Fatherless, Teen Pregnancy, and Coming Out My post over at Alexandria.
I keep reading a factoid that 40% of homeless youths identify being LGBT. But all I could find was ”According to the National Network of Runaway and Youth Services, six percent of homeless youth are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (GLBT) (Molino, 2007). The number of homeless teenagers who are pregnant is estimated to be somewhere between six and twenty-two percent. (Health Resources and Services Administration 2001)”
2. What is it like to live in Massachusetts, with our definition of marriage? I commented it here over at Mark Shea's Patheos blog. Conversations change, so it takes a few minutes to explain yourself now a days.
3. A highlighted comment...
It is quite easy for my upper-middle class friends to proclaim that children do not need a married mother and father and that all kids need is
love. Like fish can’t see water, they cannot understand the enormous benefits
they had growing up with married parents, as they do not know any different. I live in the Chicago area, and used to volunteer on the South Side. The fatherless children certainly do not lack love. Many in fact lived in a same-sex household, with their mother, aunts,
grandmother, etc. and had plenty of adults caring for them.
But it is a tragedy
that they do not live with their fathers, and, as social science has repeatedly
shown, a major detriment in nearly every area of their lives. If a mother is in
a sexual relationship with another woman living in the house (as opposed to
living with a female relative), I am supposed to pretend it is okay the child
is denied his or her father. I refuse to do that.
4. Blast from the past... I found this comment trying to look up low marriage rates in Massachusetts. This comment is from 2007, and why as a matter of public police I can't really 'shut up'.... ok I can't be quiet.
"Anyway, this is all to say that we have an incomplete picture... and probably will for a generation or two. For me (as a gay many who _doesn't_ favor gay marriage), in the end, it's not about divorce rates. I submit that we'll find that gays and straights marry and divorce in similar numbers (once the gee-whiz factor wears-off). Marriage is foremost about children... and I think that children deserve a loving home with a mother and a father who are committed to the long-term stability and health of their family (starting with their marriage)."
5. From 'The Onion', even though it is satire it touches a real nerve.
Report: 92% Of Divorced Parents Get Back Together If Children Ask Enough Times “For example, one 7-year-old subject remained quiet and withdrawn for years after his parents’ divorce, only rarely mentioning his ardent wish for them to rekindle their love. But after telling his mom and dad about seven or eight times how much he wanted them to be a family again, the parents decided to give their relationship another try and got remarried within a year. And they are all very happy now.” Researchers added that an astonishing 98 percent of divorced parents will remarry if their children make a secret, special wish when blowing out their birthday candles.
6. Awesome post over at Alexandria by Wired Sisters "The Greatest Story Never Told"... spoiler it's the Bible. LONG READ, but if you have the time please. Even if you think the Bible is nothing but fairy tales, they good ones.
" Its relationship to biblical Christianity is an incidental benefit, for those students concerned about such things. In the meantime, these college kids and their relationship to Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, and fanfic, already know what it is to be part of a living, lively literary tradition and how to use frameworks created by other people to embody their own stories and enlighten their imaginations. Imagination is the moral faculty. It enables us to assume that “your neighbor” is “like yourself.” If you prick him, he will bleed, if you tickle him, he will laugh. If you wrong him…"


  1. When every thing is a humorous meme, hard to talk about divorce.