Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Toxic Teacher/ Student Relationships in Dracut

Update from Lowell Sun, still in arbitration. (October 2014)

I had some great teachers in the past, that I would defend. But this is not a good teacher, no matter how much his students may have liked him. A good teacher would of realized he crossed the line in his/her professionalism, taken the seven day suspension and kept it between him and his employers and kept detail plan of his classroom activities. It's not about the profanity, but rather using the classroom as his personal audience for his personal work. He was misusing the student's time.
From the Lowell Sun October 17, 2013
On the surface, Manley's main issue with Moulton is the teacher's refusal to fill out a detailed, weekly lesson plan showing what he will cover in class. Moulton said the clampdown by Manley came this fall as a consequence of an occurrence in Moulton's classroom in April when he read aloud from, "Song To Bob," a profanity-laden short story which the Bob Dylan-obsessed teacher authored. Moulton served a seven-day suspension for reading the short story before returning to work in May.
The students that adore him are protesting, with the encouragement of the now fired teacher.
The students are being played, as students they deserve a teacher who can offer a planned and structured curriculum. The classroom is not a place for the teacher to do whatever he chooses under the 1st Amendment, he has an obligation to you and he failed. So why are you supporting this man? Yes, You all really like him. Liking your teacher isn't the goal of a good education.
As an analogy, let's say I ran a non-profit. I'm the CEO, and Mr Moulton is a supervisor, and the students are employees. You may like Mr. Moulton, but if he is not holding up to the non-profits goals and using time in the office for his OWN PERSONAL use, as the CEO I have to step in and take administrative action even if the employees under him are not happy about it.
Students are not employees, in fact they are the
'customers'clients. Mr Moulton is not serving the goal of public education, he is serving his own interests during classroom time.
Some teachers are private tutors or hold private workshops/classes outside of school in their specialty. I have a child that takes art class, even though art is offered at school. My question is would parents (or students themselves) pay upwards to 20 dollars a class after school, so Mr Moulton could recite his personal works?


  1. You are an idiot, plain and simple. Mr Moulton taught those kids how to freely express themselves by writing and by keeping them involved in the process, he was able to keep them interested in the class. Teenagers are a tough group to sell, and it shows his teaching methods and great dedication to the profession to be able to keep them attentive. And also taking into account that Dracut Senior High School has very FEW dedicate teachers, they should not jeopardize losing this one.

    1. Not an idiot. Sorry.

      But your response is exactly why Mr Moulton had to be fired. The students are students, not his adoring fan base. No need to call me an idiot. He should take responsibility for improper use of classroom time. That's all. He seemed to full of pride, to realize that.