Monday, October 28, 2013

The truth comes out slowly on Erin Cox

I wrote a post over at Alexandria, in regards to the Erin Cox story in which the general public gave North Andover High School 'hell' over their decision to discipline Erin Cox. It seems her story doesn't hold water, and there are witnesses to the effect that she was drinking. Tom Duggan of the Valley Patriot researched the court records.

It’s a local story, that never should of went viral. The story of the friend who text her, doesn’t hold water. There are witnesses at the party and a failed restraining order against the school by Erin Cox’s mother. I was reading the angry posts on MADD’s Facebook page, just from random people across the country angry at them and their response to remind legal minors should of called a parent, instead of a friends. They will never know the facts behind the story, but they were never suppose to know about the story to begin with.

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