Wednesday, October 30, 2013

All I asked was "Who is Dan Rourke"

Who is Dan Rourke (part 2)

Who is Dan Rourke (part 3)

Who is Dan Rourke (part 4)

Who is Dan Routke (part 5)

Dan Rourke finished 4th in the primary, and yet I know very little about him as an informed voter. I asked a question on Facebook thinking I was just engaging in some water cooler talk for us political junkies in the city, I didn't realize I was opening up a can of worms less then one week before the election.

Left in Lowell, highlighted my question. I feel a little uncomfortable right know. I asked 'joe', why he was voting for Rourke and was a reiteration of his campaign that public safety is #1, crime prevention, and after school programs. No specific programs. I took issue with his response, so I looked up Dan Rourke. He doesn't have a website, and his twitter account doesn't do much but mention how he dropped off thousands of pieces of literature and 500 signs. Rourke had signs everywhere in Lowell, but despite considering herself locally politically knowledgeable I really never of heard of him. His bio, is OK but nothing exceptional.

I have nothing really bad to say about Dan Rourke or Tom Golden. I'm was simply trying to evaluate Dan as a candidate, that's all. Really innocent, it's a part of my civic duty to ask "Who is Dan Rourke?" I do it with all of the candidates. I'm deeply concerned that 'joe' told me not to pick a fight. I wasn't looking for a fight, just a discussion on "Who is Dan Rourke". In no way was I trying to single him out.

Now apart of Dan's literature drop, he is photographed with Tom Golden. To be honest, I didn't think much of it. What I take issue with is the complete lack of information about Dan on his campaign literature. So I Google'd looking for anything regarding Dan Rourke, again in a typical fashion looking for info on this very popular candidate.

Dan Rourke is a the Assistant Chief Probation Officer, Concord District Court (not Lowell). Rourke does not live in a Lowell neighborhood with a significant problem with gangs or crime, in fact he lives adjacent to the state forest. I do not know if his children go to public schools, or if he would place his own children in an after school program to reduce crime. Rourke doesn't 'live' with the routine crime, someone in the downtown does. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT. OK.

My problem is that the Boston Globe has highlighted the financial contribution between Rourke and Tom Golden, NOT GOOD. Tom Golden's representation usually runs unopposed, we like him. So why has Dan Rourke given Tom Golden over $600 dollars in campaign contributions? I wouldn't think anything of this donation, if in fact there was a race.

The Boston Globe highlight Rourke's contributions back to a 2010 article on improper hiring practices within the probation department. Now the Globe only highlighted this, it did not say there was anything improper. The Globe simply flagged the donation as something to watch.

Update:Jack over at Left in Lowell mentioned they were cousins. That's fine and clarifies the campaign contribution. I still hold Dan Rourke to the same standard as any other candidate. We do not need a pilot after school program, when we already have several in the city from CTI, Girls Inc., and UTEC. I'm not voting for Rourke, because he doesn't offer anything substansively new. I searched his Facebook page, his Twitter feed, and Richard Howe's blog.

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