Friday, August 9, 2013

7QT Fake History in Lowell

7QT More at Conversion Diary

1. Tourists will visit Lowell for something that didn't happen. Genius~!

2. The Judge Speaks...

With sperm/egg donation, anyone can do this by means of third parties who are brokers on contracting the creation of babies as a product. Children who are created from an industry have no rights; children naturally conceived do have rights. This is a problem; we don’t have equal application of the law here.

3. Living up on the hill, we get a good wind. So on nice days we fly kites, the activity with the children lasts for a good hour. I never understood the insult 'go fly a kite'.

4. Locally we are having city elections. It takes a lot of effort to run, but I was surprises that a city councilor had difficulty handling his campaign funds. Candidates hand off the duties of treasurer to someone else, how can this happen? The state does give finance classes, so those can be a reasonable understanding of what is expected for disclosure.

5. So much for uplifting reading, but I'm reading The Great Degeneration right now. I'm just beginning to read, and it is very depressing but there is a theme that I agree with. Individuals in western societies are less 'engaged'. We are engaging less with others in organizations, normally we look at church attendances, but it is more then that. It could be the quilting club or bowling teams, we are losing social supports. And while many look at the trend that we are losing our social supports in family, we forget to think about all the other non-public organizations that many of our grandparents belonged to.

6. Child Language Development: Why Fathers Matter

Fathers have a unique impact on child language development according to a study done by the FPG Child Development Institute, children’s vocabulary at age three directly correlated with that of their fathers. It appears, according to the study, that the mothers vocabulary had little to no impact on the children. It was all the fathers!

7. Why I vote blank many of times, but I still vote.

"He gets money, the bribers er 'donors' or 'partners' get control and access over public policy, at the expense of the voters. This is blatant graft and of a type that used to be common in the late 19th century, which in so many ways our politics and economy seem to be moving back to."
Moving back too? Where has this person been?
“Cory is the inspiration architect,” Ms. Ross said. “He really is the thought-leader soul part of the business.” Translation: he does nothing but we're throwing money at him to buy influence.

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