Friday, August 30, 2013

7QT Catholic Name Calling OK?

More 7QT at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Can you call a Catholic a bigot? On the basis of free speech of course, but would it be correct to target us with such a false label on our bodies.

So over at Alexandria, I had to emotionally respond to a post that promotes the that idea that Catholics being labeled bigots isn't really a big deal. It's just speech, but well... that is how it starts. How should we respond?

Otherwise a good post, even though I got very personal. Sorry.

2. The Three Sides of the God Coin, again over at Alexandria. A post by an agnostic, and why he can't believe either theism or atheism. Very thoughtful.

3. If you threaten your children (jokingly) that you will strip down to your underwear and dance like Miley Cyrus and their immediate response is that would call the Department of Children & Families, that means your doing a decent job raising them.

4. Our school starts with three half days, before the labor day weekend. This is an incredible slow start. I'm frustrated that my children have no homework.

5. Then the weekend after Labor Day everything HAPPENS. We have nothing this week, then we are over scheduled for September 7th.

6. In regards to the 1st Quick Take, my mind immediately goes to the Blessed Peter To Rot.

7. We live in a world where the innocence of the foam #1 finger isn't safe, why should we expect the Catholic Church.


  1. I rather thought that my Miss-Manners-inspired suggested response was pretty good. Was there something wrong with it? I rather thought it captured the spirit of what you've said before in your own defense.

    I'll repeat it here for the rest of the crowd:

    "I’m so sorry that you think I am a bigot. I’m really not! What I am is very concerned about the future of the family and it is my firmly held opinion – based on my religious beliefs, my daily observations, and my study of the relevant literature on the subject – that Same Sex Marriage is, on the whole, bad for society, as is, I hasten to add, a host of behaviors that heterosexuals indulge in and which I also oppose."

  2. I agree that calling us bigots is where the problem starts. We have been going down a road for a long time of learning to dislike what Catholics stand for and we are already moving past the name calling and into legal repercussions (I don't remember where I heard about it, but the Catholic pharmacist in Illinois that was jailed for a time for refusing to hand out a morning after pill). If you call Catholics "bigots", then you don't really feel the need to give them the time of day, let alone listen to whether they have a good argument. And if they ARE jailed, you figure it's just because they deserved it for being so nasty and bigoted. And it goes downhill from there.

  3. I'd be very curious to know the name and other circumstances of the jailed pharmacist.

    The only reference I found after a search was another blog that made the same claim. To support that claim, they referenced a news story that did not say anything about such a jailing.

    Not saying it didn't happen - I am saying I would like to see some documentation.