Friday, August 30, 2013

7QT Catholic Name Calling OK?

More 7QT at Jen's Conversion Diary

1. Can you call a Catholic a bigot? On the basis of free speech of course, but would it be correct to target us with such a false label on our bodies.

So over at Alexandria, I had to emotionally respond to a post that promotes the that idea that Catholics being labeled bigots isn't really a big deal. It's just speech, but well... that is how it starts. How should we respond?

Otherwise a good post, even though I got very personal. Sorry.

2. The Three Sides of the God Coin, again over at Alexandria. A post by an agnostic, and why he can't believe either theism or atheism. Very thoughtful.

3. If you threaten your children (jokingly) that you will strip down to your underwear and dance like Miley Cyrus and their immediate response is that would call the Department of Children & Families, that means your doing a decent job raising them.

4. Our school starts with three half days, before the labor day weekend. This is an incredible slow start. I'm frustrated that my children have no homework.

5. Then the weekend after Labor Day everything HAPPENS. We have nothing this week, then we are over scheduled for September 7th.

6. In regards to the 1st Quick Take, my mind immediately goes to the Blessed Peter To Rot.

7. We live in a world where the innocence of the foam #1 finger isn't safe, why should we expect the Catholic Church.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's a statue.

Protestants saw the problem. Statues are the equivalent of pictures. You place them in visible spots, so they remind you of loved ones and memories. Tensions rise over a statue left behind (Lowell Sun)
St. Pierre urged Leaver and the others if they had more questions about the subject, they should ask them in private. When asked about the sweater, though, St. Pierre revealed he was aware the garment was removed some months ago. "OK, now you see, you did that. Because someone took it off saying, 'What is this doing on the statue?' " he said to Leaver. "We don't normally clothe our statues." "She just looked so lonely and cold," Leaver responded. St. Pierre, who has been a pastor of the church for 13 years, stated again when the property is sold, the statue will come home. "She's already lost to me now," Leaver said. "Well, that's where you are," St. Pierre said.

Friday, August 23, 2013

7QT Race & Birth Control

More Quick Takes over at Jen's Conversion Diary.

1. Over at Alexandria my post on Race & Birth Control ads in women magazines.

2. I still compile any article/link I can regarding marriage and fatherless. They seem to get fewer and fewer. And I've been noticing that we the break down/fracture of the family is being talked about, they don't use to m-word.

3. When White Fathers Leave Their Black Children

Even President Obama has opined on this national conversation, creating the Fatherhood and Mentoring Initiative and making responsible fatherhood one of the key priorities of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. While his speeches on fatherhood have been widely criticized in liberal circles for their conservative and retrograde content, the president’s rhetoric remains quite indicative of public opinion on the state of [black] fatherhood.

4. Churches have been hearing the call, that has been ignored in our culture.Faith, fathers will save Harrisburg's sons from the curse of street violence, forum participants say

"I'm going to show my boys what a father looks like, who a father should be," Cooper said. "You can't exclude making men responsible," Mann agreed. "It's your child. Go take care of your child." District Judge Robert Jennings III, who deals with the results of the city's violence, also cited the need for more positive male role models to counteract the lie, promoted by some rappers, that street crime is somehow manly."By the way, those guys don't live in the 'hood," Jennings said. "They live in mansions in gated communities. They don't hear gunshots at night."

5. A week from Wednesday marks the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s I Have a Dream speech.

“They gotta start being more examples for their younger men, because what’s happening is heads of households have dropped off and a lot of times these young men are only emulating the atmospheres that they come from,” said Rev. McCrorey.Data from the Urban Institute shows that in 1950, only 17 percent of black children lived in fatherless homes. By 2010, that number more than doubled. Now 50 percent of black children have absent fathers. And almost half of all black children are born out of wedlock.Rev. McCrorey’s wife, Carrie, says repairing families could help re-inspire Dr. King’s dream in all of us. “More people in the community coming together, fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, more families coming out to be as a unit.”

6. Only the privilege can talk about gender theory, and that includes myself. We are having a good discussion over at Alexandria on deconstructing gender. My argument is that it can't be done. Well it can be done, but with terrible results.

7. From Science Daily "Boys Suffer from Their Fathers' Long Working Hours"

"Boys whose fathers worked 55 or more hours per week later exhibited more delinquent and aggressive behaviors than boys whose fathers worked fewer hours. Their fathers' long work hours did not appear to affect girls' behaviors. Mothers' work hours did not seem to matter, although few Australian mothers worked long hours and no firm conclusions can be drawn yet from this comparison."

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Well, I've been trying to say this for several years now. I just cry when I read these articles.

Why ‘The Family’ Matters in Economics by Michael Hendrix
Yet too many experts remain silent for fear of becoming collateral damage in America’s culture wars. Nick Schulz wrote Home Economics for these silent ones who have ignored the family’s role in the economy. He concludes as former Secretary of Education Bill Bennett did, finding that the “family is the original and best Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.”

Sure I'm Catholic, but prior to being actively religious there was this basic knowledge in Anthropology 101, that family mattered. It wasn't a political right, it was a natural idea coming from kinship. For several years know I've been warned I would be on the wrong side of history, casted off as an ignorant bigot, and unable to participate in public policy.

Marriage rates are falling, children are dealing with the consequences. As we follow this trend, we are ALL going to be on the wrong side of history written in the books as a civilization that brought itself down on its very own doing. Some civilizations end in war, disease, or famine. We're die over the breakdown of our most basic economic unit, the family and refuse to acknowledge its purpose and function..

Another Vermont in Alexandria

My post on Vermont is up over at Alexandria.

There are also new contributors as well!

Ginny S. from Boston

MRMacrum from Maine

and Teresa R. A 'Libertarian Catholic'.

Friday, August 9, 2013

7QT Fake History in Lowell

7QT More at Conversion Diary

1. Tourists will visit Lowell for something that didn't happen. Genius~!

2. The Judge Speaks...

With sperm/egg donation, anyone can do this by means of third parties who are brokers on contracting the creation of babies as a product. Children who are created from an industry have no rights; children naturally conceived do have rights. This is a problem; we don’t have equal application of the law here.

3. Living up on the hill, we get a good wind. So on nice days we fly kites, the activity with the children lasts for a good hour. I never understood the insult 'go fly a kite'.

4. Locally we are having city elections. It takes a lot of effort to run, but I was surprises that a city councilor had difficulty handling his campaign funds. Candidates hand off the duties of treasurer to someone else, how can this happen? The state does give finance classes, so those can be a reasonable understanding of what is expected for disclosure.

5. So much for uplifting reading, but I'm reading The Great Degeneration right now. I'm just beginning to read, and it is very depressing but there is a theme that I agree with. Individuals in western societies are less 'engaged'. We are engaging less with others in organizations, normally we look at church attendances, but it is more then that. It could be the quilting club or bowling teams, we are losing social supports. And while many look at the trend that we are losing our social supports in family, we forget to think about all the other non-public organizations that many of our grandparents belonged to.

6. Child Language Development: Why Fathers Matter

Fathers have a unique impact on child language development according to a study done by the FPG Child Development Institute, children’s vocabulary at age three directly correlated with that of their fathers. It appears, according to the study, that the mothers vocabulary had little to no impact on the children. It was all the fathers!

7. Why I vote blank many of times, but I still vote.

"He gets money, the bribers er 'donors' or 'partners' get control and access over public policy, at the expense of the voters. This is blatant graft and of a type that used to be common in the late 19th century, which in so many ways our politics and economy seem to be moving back to."
Moving back too? Where has this person been?
“Cory is the inspiration architect,” Ms. Ross said. “He really is the thought-leader soul part of the business.” Translation: he does nothing but we're throwing money at him to buy influence.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tourists will visit Lowell for something that didn't happen. Genius~!

Facebook Fauxlore: Kerouac, Burroughs, and a Fight Over the Oxford Comma That Never Was (The Atlantic)
That last connection makes the sign's success on the Internet even more appropriate. Warhol's obsession with reproduction and the mutations that occur when we copy and copy something could not look more prescient. We live in a world where thousands of people duplicated a fiction about a mill site built by a forefather of the muse of Warhol Factor. For tens of thousands of people, the fiction about this space in the world became far better known than any real historical information about Appleton's mill.
Nathan Appleton, himself never lived in Lowell who was the investor in the Merrimack Manufacturing Company.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Judge Speaks

Over at Alexandria
John M. Smoot is a retired judge in Massachusetts, and for 22 years he presided in the Family & Probate Court in Suffolk County. Last February he wrote an article for Public Discourse “Why Sperm Donation is Bad for Dads and Kids” on his reflections from a 2006 case Jane Doe vs. New England Cryogenic Center, Inc., in which a mother of twins sued the sperm bank for the identity of the donor.

Friday, August 2, 2013

7QT Battle of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha vs. The Crayola Experience

Join Jen at Conversion Diary for 7QT

1. Over at Alexandria my pilgrimage to Saint Kateri and a pit stop at the Crayola Factory. You can read my review on Trip Adviser on Crayola. Saint Kateri won hands down!

Their Shrine is an old barn. You go in and the smell the aging wood. It was a Monday and no one was around, but us. We had the place to ourselves. In the lower church/barn, was the museum. The museum is open and free, but they do ask for a suggested donation of a few dollars for the visit.

2. Also over at Alexandria "More on Natural Family Planning", it's a good post from someone who is critical of NFP.

3. Evolution of Monogamy in Humans the Result of Infanticide Risk, New Study Suggests

Once fathers decide to stick around and care for young, mothers can then change their reproductive decisions and have more, brainy offspring."

4. PTSD After Traumatic Events: Which Teens Are at Risk?

Risk factors associated most strongly with trauma exposure included: Lack of both biological parents in the home.

5. Do you have four minutes?

6. Recent commentary on fatherlessness.

The topic is complex, but seeing this from a strictly scientific standpoint, it seems to me that since not one of us would exist without a father, fathers are naturally an important piece of what constitutes a strong and healthy society.

7. We already have hundreds of crayons, but you know you can't leave the Crayola Experience with a hundred more!

We plan on visiting to more shrines in our travels, and less 'experiences'.