Tuesday, July 16, 2013

When the law gets it right on gay parenting. (Europe)

For all of the criticism and name calling I have and will get on the issue of family, I find it sadly ironic that people do not understand that I'm not against a gay parent. In fact I fully support parental rights, no matter the sexual orientation of the parent. My disagreement is denying the other biological parent. A parent who happens to be gay, is not the SAME as two people of the same sex denying the other biological parent.

From Europe in the ‘federal courts’, I assume European Union.

It ruled on Wednesday in favour of a gay man who had given a sperm donation to a lesbian couple so they could have a baby. But when the couple then named another man as legal father of the child, the biological father decided to challenge this. He says he now wants to be acknowledged as the father. The court in Karlsruhe said the man had the right to challenge the legal paternity of the other man. It would have been different if the biological father had in advance signed away his right to challenge a legally-awarded paternity – which is the case with anonymous sperm donors.

Only if we could ban anonymous sperm/egg donation…. Only if so we wouldn't screw with children’s lives. The question isn’t your sexual orientation, the issue is ‘are you the biological parent’.

Individuals have equal rights to BOTH their mother and father, even if they are gay. Why in humanity's name am I being labeled homophobic or a bigot? Ask the special interests and their lobby's I guess.

What a mess, happy to see the courts find in favor of the father.

Renee Aste, Lowell Massachusetts

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